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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Don't Be Fooled.

It's All A Set Up.

I, like millions of others, have been lifted by the apparent conversion by Terrible Tess, after a seemingly bruising rebuff by the EUSSR Commissars. However there is a fascinating reminder from Twitter somewhere, pointing out that just before a previous Tory Conference, (last year?) a spat was implied and let her appear  "Iron Lady" like and firm, only to embrace the ridiculous and puerile chequers crap of today.

If you care to read, rather than listen, to this short speech, from yesterday, a degree of "Sir Humphrey" speak looks very strong. Note this part; 

"We will set out our alternative that preserves the integrity of the UK. And it will be in line with the commitments we made back in December* - including the commitment that no new regulatory barriers should be created between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK unless the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly agree. " *precursor to chequers way back then, already drafted, I suspect. Plus that Assembly still has the IRA godfathers in situ.

"WE WILL set out". Back to chequers again with some already likely agreed compromise hidden from view. Like getting "Northern Ireland  and the rest of the UK to agree (new regulatory barriers). Another slip along with the "we will". I keep suggesting, "chequers" is an EUSSR/UK civil service stitch up. 

She, as I keep saying, is in full on collusion with the deep state, global rulers served by the petty ambitions of  wannabe civil servant billionaires. People who want wealth and power but at no risk to themselves. You know, like her Old man, Woody Allen lookalike. Though not a civil servant, getting rich by association.

There remains a powerful lobby and global evil that does not care for people power and democracy. These people, Soros but one of them, who are still fighting ordinary people for total supremacy. The forces against Trump, Brexit, Russia and China, all enemies of these cartels. Fuelled through many, many billions of drug money laundering assets. Don't take my word for it, the deep state is desperate to destroy the freedoms of millions in the West.

I digress. Of this, however, I'm certain. The referendum result, despite rigging, was one wishing to strike a blow against the deep state. Economic fear mongering the only weapon that deep state understands. That vote was for those left who still understand just what millions died for in two world wars. Freedom. That freedom comes with a price. Hard work, self reliance and aspirational desire to do well but not at the expense of others.

Christian foundations respected as more desirable than any alternative, savage, brutal, misogynistic , male dominated, despotic teaching and practice. Those latter attributes now weaponised by the deep state to bring the remaining, cultured and intelligent peasants into line. The last remaining outposts of common sense and probably most who voted leave. Do not trust anyone else. Especially the likes of civil servants or their puppet MPs. Prime among them the present PM.

This morning's papers were full of rubbish about this. Tomorrows will be full on, "embrace our supreme rulers in the EUSSR", back Bliar's old oppo, Killer Campbell and others. Raise the ghost of Heath and embrace the lies of today, as your parents did back in Heath's time. Forget the treachery of then. You have your own duplicitous, secretive scum today. A matter of fact.

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  1. It was ever thus, the ruling class has treated the people like fools for as long as I can remember. Until we elect a party that cares about us rather than filling their treasure chests and stroking their egos nothing will change. The electorate are and always have been their own worst enemy. They choose to believe the rubbish spouted by our politicians and go to the polls like sheep to vote for more of the same. Bread, circuses and touch your cap to your betters, when will we ever learn.