Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A Must Watch And Listen For Our Times.

One Lone, Vilified, Censored By Deep State, Hijacked Twitter, Voice.

Just give up or record one hour of TV and make time to learn how we are all being slowly corralled and subjugated. At my advancing age, I should be less affected but I still care and do not wish to have lived allowing so much dreadful dictatorship of our species to be permitted. Together with the terrible consequences already appearing on our streets. So give yourself a vision and be inspired. promote this woman of hope for all its worth.

Saturate Twitter if nothing else with anger and tirade at the grossness of our deep state, secretive and arrogant Civil Service and enslaved political pygmies. It's said we get the politicians (and media) we deserve. That alone tells us we all need to show we deserve better.

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