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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Commercial Arm Of The Deep State.

An American Subsidiary And UAE Based.

At first glance an unassuming, nothing to see here Company but cropped up in a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry, as reported here. Now just a brief look at this Olive Group yields fascinating background no doubt far worse than this ordinary chap can discover. However I will make the odd observation from my ill informed, amateurish efforts.

Firstly this link, from way back in 2003. Our first hint of Government links comes immediately in the shape of an ex Foreign Office guy, William Egerton. Now he fails to have any presence on the Internet that I can find. However a Christopher Beese, MBE has this bio, note the G4S connection. There's a Company with a very colourful history and links to Government contracts.

Sure, nothing new in the world of "the old boys and girls" networks but the use of retired senior and military personnel and their access to expensively trained ex SAS and other specialists leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Not least, if there is some merit to the sudden appearance of this Company in Russian intelligence statements.

Now I realise a majority of gullible or indeed interested parties to these companies, will rapidly dismiss any suggestions of improprieties. Just as Jack Straw pooh pooed any mention of complicity in rendition practices. Only to have egg on his face earlier this year. So let's think very hard before we consider The Olive Group to be whiter than white.

Let's just take a step back and consider the suggestion that covert operations, led by British mercenaries are and have been for some time, being used to undermine a sovereign Nation. As they were in Ukraine, by the CIA. That debate touched on here.

If a chemical weapon is unleashed by the "clients" of these private companies, it pits Western, dare I say trigger happy, forces against Russian and Chinese elements. Escalation leading to possible nuclear exchanges. Not least using possibly large numbers of civilian casualties to suit their ends initially and subsequently.

Do these Companies and their top echelons have ready prepared bunkers stocked to the gunnals with many years of luxury living necessities? Because if they are doing what is suggested, then the outcome for millions will be less pleasant than the new underground dwellers of the planet. You can be certain, as with combat troops, the on the ground "grunts" won't have access to the underground suites earmarked for the bosses and their political pals. 

If nothing else, these deep state private regiments will be sacrificed along with the rest of us, if it all goes terribly wrong. The mega bucks earnt by the front line operatives will be of nought if they're fried with everybody else bar the elites. Just as to date we see happening and to have happened to the returning maimed veterans and their dead comrades. 

Hardly the "war on terror victory" promised, is it? Mind you, it has made many people rich beyond their wildest dreams. Good luck spending it. The UAE may not like Olive Group's presence in their Country, either, if they become aware of the negative involvement in Syria.

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  1. It would be nice to think out own government only used secret forces for the good of the nation and its people but I just can't bring myself to trust our leaders anymore. After all let's not forget what happened to poor David Kelly and who doubts the same would happen to them if it suited the establishment? I gave my children Animal Farm and 1984 to read and would recommend those books to anyone who wants to understand modern government.