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Monday, 27 August 2018

Let's Add Up.

Who Are The American Establishment's, De Facto The West's, "Enemies.

Is this the music our leaders long to hear more of?

The, for me, hateful, loathsome hypocrisy of the Western Establishment of today is an anathema. After the Douma response by the UK and France, their tongues sore from the anal excavation of the American warmongers, "Assad is guilty because we say so" nastiness, we faced, back in April, a potential exchange of fire, by these clowns, with Russia.

Why do we have to constantly behave this way? Mass NATO forces and weaponry on Russia's borders. Split Ukraine. Whinge about the huge majority of Russian citizens in Crimea fleeing back into the arms of their historically Russian homeland. All is just an example of self righteous and sense of self entitlement, likely to be the cause of these terrible weapons being used across the Planet.

What is it all about. Why? I guess pure greed and avarice by the powerful few, never content unless seeking to dominate the world and it people. Bit like the Islamic dogma and ideology, in fact. So why not employ some of those people, such as the Saudis, to give a hand?

Never mind the less powerful, for now, at least. Hey, "our nukes are bigger than anybody else's" so buy everything from us. Particularly arms. Anyhow, the list of those less enamoured of this behaviour. 

Most of The Middle East, particularly Iran, Syria and most of the Iraqi people, I suspect. The latter vying with Libya as to the most badly done by, by the West. Well, after Syria and the seven years of American led insurgency and the funding thereof.

Now, where else? North Korea, The Philippines, Myanmar, much of South America and now, of all countries, a NATO Pal, Turkey getting less and less enamoured of the USA and the EUSSR! In fact the latter is struggling to stave off economic hardship without Russian energy supplies. Being badgered by American interest in filling the void with LPG at what will become significant cost, eventually, if successful in supplanting Russia's supply.

Then there are the unedifying threats to other Nations if they choose Russian or Chinese armaments over American and The West's. India for one, The Philippines another. Just two we know of. It's all very unpleasant to see. Squabbling by kids and bullies as childish as it gets. Except the little moronic idiots aren't pointing pop guns loaded with corks, are they?

 Fortunately, so far, the adults in most of this, ironically China and Russia, have retired from the main play area, except when necessary and when upholding International law in Syria. Unlike the unlawful presence of the Americans and British "advisers". 

The Brits, if we are to believe the intelligence released by Russia, and presaged by the Douma business, leading the chemical weapons instruction for a spiteful propaganda exercise. Wonder who runs "Oliva"? Gross when you consider the dangers this could bring about. That and the sour grapes at losing in Syria. Bitterness reminiscent of the American Deep State's last crushing defeat in Vietnam. Like I said, the sour grapes of bad losers. Who cares if we gas a few innocents? If it gives a cover to bomb many more, great result.

Peace through war always jarred with me, still does.

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  1. Let us not forget the vast profits made by the arms manufactures and dealers. To the rich merchants of death war is always a good thing. Throughout history national governments have used wars to cover up and distract from problems at home. As long as its not their kids that die who cares?
    rake in the cash and distract the peasants is the name of the game.