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Sunday, 12 August 2018


More Rubbish Twisting, 1984 Style, Of Language.

Let's firstly educate the thickos in the media corridors of smug delusion. The definition of "phobia", a noun meaning an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Synonyms, abnormal fear, irrational fear, obsessive fear, fear, dread, horror, terror, dislike, hatred, loathing, detestation, distaste, repulsion revulsion, antipathy aversion. Now 

Now if we consider the picture above of the murder of Coptic Christians, the London Tube and bus bombings, the Manchester atrocity and the mowing down of innocents on London Bridge, it is not irrational to be wary or fearful of Muslim perpetrators. That's before we express our resentment at an unwarranted and despotic enforcement on us all of mass immigration.

The social engineering methods employed, as Blair's Labour apparachiks told us, to force multiculturalism down "middle class throats", sic, together with swelling their voter base,as shown in the last election, conspire to give the only obvious reason for aversion and antipathy to the state of our Nation today. Hardly phobia per se, is it?

That the frequent drain on our centuries old evolvement into a society at one with itself until the 1960s, is heavily damaged by mass immigration and the inevitable clash, not integration, of so many people prepared to not bite but devour the hands that feed them, is hardly a phobia. That we now have a police force more concerned with chasing down "hate" crime, except when directed at white people, is yet another symptom of the awful status we now endure.

Only last evening, Muslim related or not, ten, note ten, people shot and wounded at a Manchester "Carnival". Carnivals when I was young were never anything but innocent fun and pleasure. The worst behaviour the odd over imbibed bloke set for a strict berating by his nearest and dearest at worst. Some wonderful aspect once more of our multicultural Utopia.

Add sex trafficking, Establishment and police collusion in the the brutal rape of children, mobile letterboxes down every town pavement hiding who knows what under those masks getting more attention than the sick treatment of young girls, beggars belief.

So if resentment, horror, fear and revulsion are all to be regarded as far right phobias and to be vilified, ridiculed and suppressed, forgive me but this approach is heading towards a terrifying clash in the future. Already we are bereft of the widespread decency, respect for animals and patient resignation we once held for our societies excellence, tolerance and patience. Never to return, sadly. perhaps I suffer from fondmemoryphobia". 

Still, I did live those memories and have striven to put them on paper if only the odd person passing by might gain a degree of comfort in sharing. Great therapy, if nothing else.

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  1. Those who sort a political answer to all the very relevant matters you raise were treated in the most disgusting fashion by the far left rent a mobs and the PC media. Most of them are no longer prepared to endure the vile attacks and death threats any longer and have given up. We sooner or latter will regret what we did to those brave souls but by then I fear it will be too late.