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Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Possibly The Last Stronghold Of Rebel Factions  And Their Western And Saudi Supporters.

As the LEGITIMATE, like it or not, Government of Assad and his allies, particularly Russia and a little from China, close in on hopefully one final battle to liberate the Jihadist held people of this enclave, our western media move into their less than subtle language. It is a complicated set up, as was always the case in this Western/Saudi target for selfish ends, as ever.

Al Jazeera offers one of the best explanations of the present situation. The West's media rarely do as well. However to lump the different factions under a banner of "rebel" forces is very misleading. They are more a rag tag and bobtail of anybody not happy with a democratically elected government. Bit like the UK Remain lot, in many ways!

One thing stands out, however, with regards to this province. Hitherto the remaining armed groups have had tacit and even very active backing from Turkey. However the present rapprochement with Russia may well be a precursor to the Government's ability to now mount a serious offensive to retake control of Idlib province.

Possibly Erdogan is on board, via Russian diplomacy, for a post liberation of Idlib agreement which might also include the withdrawal of American forces somewhat less relevant in the current Assad resurgence. Not that the global deep state crowd will shut up or cease their meddling and hope that Assad can be removed. Albeit a peace in Syria won't aid that hope in any future elections, I suspect.

That this next battle will be free of civilian casualties is impossible. We can but pray that a swift and decisive victory for The Government forces can be completed at minimal cost to the population. Something more likely if little or no backing and supplying of the rebels is forthcoming. of course the true nature of this action will not be approached fairly by the West's media.

Indeed, false flag chemical attacks may well be used as before and little evidence be required to rush to the defense of the real enemy of the civilian people, the rebels forces getting rich on American money and supplies. Again the presence of Turkey in the background might temper even those false flag tactics. 

We shall see. For my part, I just hope, as I've already said, for a swift conclusion and the defeat of this last bastion of illegal resistance and terrorist populated forces. One might also pray that victory for Assad and peace in Syria might help the Yemen cause for a peaceful solution. 

The irony there is the Saudi interference is on the side of the weakened and unpopular government. Not, as with Syria, the armed dissenters and terrorists against the Syrian Government. Still all about power and wealth and hang legitimate reasons for horrific meddling and military force. The latter not that far removed from the EUSSR regime and their supporters twisted attitude to democracy!

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  1. Makes you wonder if it would be better if the British empire was still a great force in the world. I am sure a lot of the endangered civilians around the world might prefer Pax Britannica.