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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How many Told You So Declarations Do Deep State Morons Need?

Well, Here's One Of Mine.

American and Western Peace Processes In Action

Since my very first days of therapeutic blogging I have banged on about the self interest of American global, deep state groups. All fighting and squabbling over who  gets to be the most powerful. Gangsters, state looting oligarchs of every ilk including the West, bankers likewise and the lick-spittle politicians more concerned with courting the others than anything else. 

This post from 4 years ago could be written today. Posts from the very beginning of my efforts, likewise. One difference is a rare hint of nervousness from a Rothschild. I suspect when he refers to a NWO, he means the decline of his place in NWO project. Many, such as myself have always loathed this privileged sense of entitlement so much part of that NWO.

He's right of course. Not least post Vietnam when the might and cruelty of that venture failed so badly and suddenly and to this day, things would never be quite the same. As 9/11 has proven. As much as an attack based on terrorism it was also heavily meant as an attack on the might of the New World Order's financial wealth.

If you doubt this suggestion consider Afghanistan and the billions squandered there. Stupidity and arrogance identical to that of Vietnam. Iraq just the same. As predicted many years ago and warned of by Russia, Afghanistan would become another "Vietnam". Likely and so it is beginning to become, another failed meddling interference in that Country to rival any in history and possibly take the award for the longest and most costly.

When the NYT rag gets nervous it really is time to take note. Not least when you realise a budget for the current USA's expenditure signs off on $716,000,000,000 for the military. It'll make many NWO individuals ever richer but won't win the war in Afghanistan or even the Middle East. Particularly the hypocritical argument they are looking to reinstate the "internationally recognised" government in Yemen. So how come they tried the opposite in Syria?

The stupidity of these powerful entities is breathtaking. Who said the definition of stupidity was making the same mistakes over and over again expecting a different result? Albert Einstein. Too insignificant for the deep state cabals is Albert. Or the gangster elements  happy to manipulate, along with the CIA, the poppy fields whilst their other pals play conquering heroes for the time being.
As that famous song tells us, 


  1. It doesn't, really matter as long as the ruling class continues to rule and they and their friends with the "right to rule" continue to get ever richer. It is only the children of the poor that are sent to die after all.

    Any party that becomes a serious inconvenience can and is crushed by the minions of the state and the rented a mobs. Then we can carry on with business as usual. There are good reasons the UK has only a few parties who swop power from time to time to maintain the illusion of democracy. Bread and circuses is the way to govern, keep the mob distracted while you run everything to you own advantage. It is a matter or real sadness that today the voters are as willing to be distracted as they ever were, indeed when will we ever learn?

  2. It's hotting up. One small voice, maybe, but a vital voice in the mix at the same time.

  3. Thank you for commenting, Anon. James, likewise.and most generous. There does seem millions think as we do, Brexit an example of that but still the PTB appear invincible.Still, the USSR thought they were at one time!