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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Desperate And Nasty.

The Deep State Of The West Ready To Gas Civilians To Further Their Bloody Agenda.

Such is the success of deep state propaganda, few look for alternative answers. The Skripal poisoning a way of damaging Russian commercial success of these last 18 months and their legal presence in Syria. The horror their, the deep state, referendum result in the UK went against them. Then the loss to Trump in the USA.

Such has been and remains this horror of being questioned, their morality seen for the disgrace it is s becoming gets ever more understood by ordinary people. Yet still the grooming gangs roam freely across Europe and our erstwhile leaders smile benevolently on all things Islam. The grotesque cruelties to animals soon to be seen on our streets as they now are across so many barbaric nations. What possesses western politicians to ignore this horror?

Still, if they can so easily ignore the atrocities in Yemen what hope is their for the once treasured Christian values? Or care for the suffering of animals or people. All deemed, when it suits, to be regarded as collateral damage. Quietly done for years. Sadly, as the rats are getting backed into a corner their cunning vicious nastiness becomes more and more desperate.

So as Syria and its allies are poised to polish off the remaining terrorist and misguided and or well paid Syrian rebels' last bastions in Idlib Province, the West is getting very nervous. This Province is now home to many, many secrets. Full of traitors and butchers for hire, as seen elsewhere in this Western fomented conflict. 

So the dubious and unpleasant real motives for western presence in Syria is under threat of discovery. So guess what? Expect a more sophisticated and probable massacre to force home a belief and fake news outcry against the Syrian Government and their staunch ally, Russia. 

Only this week I listened with astonishment a documentary suggesting, with some degree of efficacy, that Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered atomic bombing just to prove to Stalin America had this capability. If true or even considered, setting up hundreds of real casualties this time will be seen as perfectly OK. Collateral damage, eh?

Consider the West's known history. When Saddam gassed hundreds of Kurds, little was said at the time. He was a big Pal doing a proxy job for the West by fighting Iran. Same old same old agenda. Credentials and decency neatly packaged when it suits the deep sate and its backers like the billionaire ogre, Soros. Today its Syria and Russia they hate. Tomorrow, very soon, it's going to be you and me.


  1. Driving the children of the poor into the machine gun fire etc. has always been the acceptable price of doing business to the ruling classes. In today's world the weapons have changed but the ethos of the ruling class remains the same.
    Regarding grooming gangs and the extolling of all things Islam, until the ordinary people look up from their phones and social media nothing will change. Right wing parties were warning about the rape gangs etc. for years but when it came to the elections the sheep voted for more of the same and poured hatred on those that were working their socks off to protect our hard won society and it's freedoms. Today I was lucky enough to see some WW2 aircraft fly over and it brought tears to my eyes to remember how many young men died in such machines only for us to lie down under the heel of Europe in spite of their sacrifice. Even now the treacherous remainders are trying to subvert the will of the people, what a shame the tower of London is so small we have plenty who deserve to spend the rest of their days their.

  2. I would not bother with the tower. A wall with some bullets is far cheaper.

  3. Getting to these bstds is the issue.

  4. With respect getting to them is easy we know only too well who they are, as a nation we are unwilling to elect people who would deal with the situation. Could that be why any right thinking party is hounded out of existence?