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Monday, 9 July 2018

Told You So!

Brexit Still On Track Not To Happen.

The Establishment of the Global Western Axis of Evil, didn't want President Trump. They definitely did not want an independent, sovereign and free UK. Ever since the referendum the billions of our own money diverted to destroy the referendum, it's democratic and unexpected result, despite millions of votes "manufactured" to guarantee a remain victory and Cameron's request of Obama, 
to interfere on the remain side, far more horrific than any Russian interest, the people still voted with 17,410, 742 people, awake to the dictatorship tyranny the EUSSR is.

The events of the last three days are a sudden spotlight on remainer May's cunning treachery to slip a very weak and watered down set of proposals for negotiation. Once wafted briefly under the Nation's noses, carefully complicated via EU connivance, billions of pounds of propaganda and corrupt sweeteners, those ludicrous but plausible looking offerings would be subtly morphed into an even more vassal state existence than at present.

What next, I wonder. The forces at play in the Civil service and the Soros bribery, together with the smug and smirking EUSSR crooks, will feel their strategy in isolating David Davis, with much help from May's starring role as front remainer in talks and Civil Service massive shoving, will feel great pleasure at David's honourable resignation from the nest of vipers May's Cabinet has become.

As I am writing Dominic Raab has been appointed in David Davis's place. At 44 years of age, a lawyer by profession I am very nervous as to his 13 pieces of silver inducements. I hope my cynicism is misplaced but we shall see. He, Raab, has been reported as saying he doesn't support the Chequer's agreement and proposals. 

If so, strange he' taken the job. Perhaps he'll be happy to be walked all over by the remain Cabal, Barnier, Soros and the EUSSR Commissioners. Fame, privilege and wealth preferred, rather than the sacrificial sword serious Brexit people have to carry. Time will tell.

My personal feeling is that a significant, constant and loyal Prime Minister should replace the wishy washy treachery offered by May and her very deeply hidden masquerade of a real agenda, to keep us locked in as minor players to the ghastly, mass immigration loving, white race hating, Globalists the EUSSR are. 

It seems so like the events leading up to WW2. Then the "Establishment" as then as well as now, in thrall to the power of American money and influence, sought appeasement with Hitler's Germany. As we do now with its successor, the EUSSR, headed by Merkel's Germany. Then Churchill was our Saviour. Who today? 

I can't see how much longer May can be tolerated or trusted anymore. Not least her subservience to the Civil Service and the odious Robbins, the Establishment's arrogant Uriah Heep. "Ever so 'umble" to his peers but absolutely no one else on Earth. That he's even where he is is an insult to the 17,410,742 members of ostensibly his wage masters who voted leave. Still, can you show me a democracy loving remainer? Let alone those set to profit on our forced continued membership becoming ever more a reality.

One tiny hope left is a very staunch and honest leave PM be installed, a General Election with a solid, honest manifesto of leave or remain campaigning, a virtual second referendum. One with a simpler consideration than usual for the Electorate, a carefully policed ballot, not presided over by the dreadfully biased and democratically toothless Electoral Commission Placement stooges. An election with the central plank "do you wish your next Government to complete the desire of the referendum vote and leave, quit, depart without an alimony, go and stop prevaricating, from the EUSSR".

An election in which the American President be OPENLY asked to give his opinion and ideas on a trade deal, post that election, when the "special relationship" can be reborn, exhumed or rescued from the depths of its present imprisonment. Mixed metaphors or not! I am still reeling not from that Cameron did it but the manner it was kept from the voters in the referendum that he did. That should have increased the leave vote from circa 60% To closer to 70%. Those figures my estimate of the fiddled, imported votes from Brussels central meddling, corrupt offices. Stick with the failed stitch up and fiddled remain votes, you would have had circa 58% to 42% for leave.

Not sure if the top image is May's biggest betrayal or the one below. Ho, ho, more popcorn and red wine, please.

With Boris gone it gets even more entertaining. Let's hope we get a new PM with cojones for once.


  1. A GE with both sides in disarray would be very entertaining. With a Tory leave stalwart I would swallow my inclinations to go with a cast iron pledge to just bloody well leave.

  2. What's the betting on the new PM?

  3. 10 to 1 on another remainer.

  4. Have you right wing guys realized that Brexit is not going to happen like you want?

    It is unavoidable. It is your destiny.


  5. I'd sooner see the UK bankrupted again under a Corbyn disastrous reign than see us remain in the EUSSR, LoL Troll.

  6. Well said Michael, me too.

  7. You want to see your country go bankrupt. You’re a disgrace. As is Brexit. Lol...Fuck off...

  8. I've seen my Country bankrupt 3 times under foul mouthed, hypocritical leftards so time for you Anon morons to taste the deprivation.