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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The State Propaganda Media.

Let's Put A List Together For The Multicultural Benefits So Beloved Of The State And It's Media.

If true and video evidence across Europe is available, that this behaviour is a problem, I'd put this matter near the top of any list. However it pales when put against the abuse, rape and racist evil surrounding our young white children. Mostly girls. The class of cultures and civilised behaviour's daily decline into a society being forced to accept their streets as cess pits seemingly welcomed by the Establishment.

Next up and possibly the main contender for top spot in the hit parade of joy for where we are in this social engineering project and vote gerrymandering ploy, must be the news, this week, of the provenance of one of the Manchester mass murderers. The meme is that he was rescued. So steeped in gratitude from his "salvation" and cosy income and life style afforded him, he set out to integrate and spend his life working to earn a living and integrate into this once beautiful Country.

This terrorist exploiter of the West's decency and kindness, now a weapon used against the ordinary people by it's dark, secret, deep state of global Common Purpose and its evolving success to dominate, was not fleeing Libya in fear for his life. He and thousands more, particularly those butchers in Syria known and welcomed back by their Establishment recruiting sergeants, such as Mandleson, are nothing more than Jihadists trained to destroy what's still just about left of what the West used to be.

So there's my initial list. The burden of cleaning up our streets, providing food, medicines, security and the whole plethora of needs for millions of these mass migrants, many illegally present, throws up far more specific "advantages" that arise from these ludicrous policies the West's rulers and despots are determined to daily exacerbate. The EUSSR's open border policy a major weapon in the replacement of their hated fellow white citizens.

That MASS immigration is to be welcomed and embraced is foolish in the extreme. We deny genuine refugees and asylum seekers to cater for the "replacement" agenda now being carried out. Such is the filth and behaviour of the masses now living on the streets, it's hard to follow how anyone can benefit. Well, perhaps the arms dealers, desperate for wars to drive the mass migration. 

Hard not to despair, however, with the lack of any will to halt the descent into the excrement generated literally and metaphorically in the case of our beloved leaders. The list is endless and growing by the day, is it not?

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  1. Well said, I am glad I found your blog and will visit again soon.