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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

May Now Threatens Not To Leave EUSSR.

No Deal, No Leave, Supposedly.

If this is to be believed then we really are entering the always expected and feared by many, we won't be allowed to leave and have to go cap in hand to that drunkard Juncker and ghastly types like Verhofstadt. Just imagine their smug faces as we are forced to our knees. Two architects of misery if ever there was.


  1. Have you considered what the single largest source of foreign currency for the EU is at present? Basically, the single biggest source of non-Euro funding to the EU is us.

    So, why all the shilly-shallying about a deal? Could it possibly be that the EU really doesn't want its single biggest source of foreign currency to stop sending them all that dosh? If so, then some very nasty reasons spring to mind.

    Worst of all is this: what does one nation use foreign currency for? Well, propping up a different and failing currency would be one use, and seeing as there's a shitload of debt in the Eurozone right now, the reason for trying to keep the UK paying in isn't so much that they need the money so much as they need the FOREIGN money to keep coming, so the Euro can be propped up.

    If so, hang onto your hats, folks, there's a bad storm coming.