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Monday, 2 July 2018

Even Illegal Residents Can't Escape The Heat!

Sweltering Demand And Portent Of A UK Desert Landscape To Come.

Not quite the UK's landscape but we do have temperatures getting close to producing such change. However a major factor throughout history and the changes wrought by human beings do and always have, told us that overpopulation of areas and continents coupled with the subsequent forced migrations just aren't a way to go deliberately!

The west's Common Purpose, deep state interests, in the face of history and common sense, nevertheless, have embarked on shifting cultural, physically adapted DNA and tribal medieval human beings across the globe in huge numbers for their own financial and political power crazed needs. The UK very much in the front line of this crass stupidity if only because of its relatively small land mass.

Those fools arguing that a 100 million strong UK population is just no problem need very fierce censure. There's a pun there linked to this 2015 forum. Of all the demands exceeding any chance of satisfaction, the NHS, education, housing, transport et al, water, long forecast to become a global threat to human survival, in just three weeks, has become  a big problem.

Guess what, government clowns, your laissez faire approach to your duties and care with regard to mass increases in population is nipping at your incompetent heels. Soon to take huge chunks out of your sorry arses as water dribbles to a standstill from Establishment negligence and ignorance of the consequences of social engineering from the dark ages.

Me, I love it when those who presume a superiority of governance over others get shamed by nature's indifference to the hubris and vanity of some human beings sense of entitlement before others.

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