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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Boris Soon To Announce New Novichok Expertise.

It's Nothing To Do With Putin. 

Bozo shown in the picture is showing his support for all things British and very, very stupid. I wait with bated breath to discover who the new victims of this lethal, instantly fatal except in the UK, novichok agent. Naturally the proximity to possibly the only place it's to be found in the UK, Porton Down, is irrelevant.

As Sergei Skripal, (Skipal, according to some obscure, furtive and weird security minister this morning), are quietly tucked away, Julia keen to go home and the red faces of our Establishment get ever more beetroot like, it could be pop corn time. 

However I am amazed at the lack of protective clothing, decontamination vehicles and squads of alien like, masked, slow waltz partners being paraded like "Strictly" contestants, as we saw with the Skripal drama. Also, since we are told it the same "batch" of deadly agent as with the Skripals, the survival rate looks impressive. Well, for such a toxic, lethal and scary poison meant to kill with a millilitre or less exposure.

A further issue immediately springs to mind, who are this couple? Did they hang on to a few drops after visiting the Skripal house? Were they "friends" of Sergei. Workers from Porton possibly? In cahoots with Sergei to pass the stuff, at a price, to interested parties? The questions are legion but unlikely to be answered.

Certainly if further and I suggest deserved embarrassment, is on the cards for our incompetent and decaying authorities', I shall feel vindicated in my many years of Blogging on how badly Common Purpose, deep state, global, western and corporate nastiness has become. Our legal systems hijacked to use as weapons of vindictive suppression, cultural genocide and political correctness and incorrect as it can possibly be. Just consider the case of Tommy Robinson and the growing attacks against Anne Marie Waters and the For Britain party.

I may be off on a tangent there. Yet these novichok incidents are most peculiar and I believe very much part, in some conniving Establishment manner, part of our descent into a future likely to become anarchic and violent before improving. All I can say is that I hope I am gone before all I hold dear is trampled in what will become a reversion to survival of the fittest. Not necessarily the richest or most privileged, either when everybody is dying from hunger and thirst. Rolex watches and bling, or worthless pounds or dollars hardly dishes of the day!

Of course if it's just round the corner at least we are having great summer weather so far!

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