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Monday, 16 July 2018

Am I All Alone?

From High Optimism To Cynical Pessimism. 

I still can't believe the UK will get away from the evil, drunken, power and money crazed Establishment, embodied by the EUSSR and fully endorsed by our excrement stained, fake news media. Not one mention of this demonstration over the weekend, for example.

Sad to say my depression at the state of the UK and Western society is getting ever worse. PM May(be's) lies, subterfuge and cunning deviousness yet further evidence of our terrible descent into a cesspool of child abuse and barbarity. Plus the left wing infantile ignorance of human nature and its needs. That ignorance used as a weapon by the Establishment those leftards purport to loathe but in reality encourage as saps and gullible, useful fools and tools for the elite of Common Purpose.

That Chequer's stitch  up is an obvious long term and EUSSR colluded strategy to sow more grief and turmoil, isolate true and more honest Brexit politicians and screw the people and their democratic referendum result. As I post rumours are surfacing the Mandarins' scheming treachery is out to get May removed in the belief they're ready to destroy a Brexit led Government and bring Corbyn in as a new puppet for they, the Mandarins, to stick their hands up the next stupid lot of backsides and manipulate.

Those arses, in turn, will be used to urge the remain gangsters of self interest to plot and foil against any proposals which might threaten to really get us free of this deep state global mafiosi. My first thought was, great, the amendments will give some hope and optimism, but was quickly plunged back into pessimistic despair when I realised this is all part of "their" conniving. Probably a likely ruse and smart arse Trojan Horse Civil Service, enslaved to the EU trickery and long game. Easily deployed against most of our elected cretins, regardless of their political hue. 

Sure, May is a useless, deceitful and a downright superior, smug snob, towards the democratic referendum result and those who support it passionately. However I cannot dare hope a Brexit PM and Cabinet could do any better against the global, Common Purpose behemoth of self entitlement. . I'd still, however, love to see some opposition to the terrible future awaiting. If not already staining our society by its dismal, third world barbaric rape of our kids and the now common sight, across Europe and parts of the USA, of Neanderthals defecating in our streets. More charming multi cultural enrichment. Here's your future, kids. Get used to it.

Though my cynical pessimism rules, what if we did get out cleanly? Were that to happen I would hope, no would expect, a new more powerful Government, ideally a coalition of Brexiteers, would clean out the swamp that is our Civil Service Mandarin class. Oh, chuck in the Lord Haw Haw incumbents at the same time. We'd save billions to fill in pot holes with! Dreams not nightmares come true.


  1. The four Labour floor-crossers are useful though.

  2. Indeed, James. Kate Hoey and Frank Field possibly the most decent politicians of my generation.