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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

All Our Worst Fears.

A Supreme Global Establishment.

This is the future the female bovine, May, is seeking.

No sweat. The shit the human race faces, a draconian global elite choosing who dies, who lives, who gets shagged or raped as and when, future, is unlikely to be in my lifetime. However, the building blocks are in place. May has smirkingly fellated Robbins appendage, guaranteed her hubbie's business fortune  and flogged her Country off to the lowest bidder. On a break from her ministrations to Robbins, she popped into her loo to dump 17.5 million voters in the pan before squatting her barren nether regions down, to dump on us all. What a piece of garbage.

Surely even hard line, ordinary remain voters can now see the evil collusion, manipulation and brutal dictatorship of the rich, powerful, global elite has made democracy redundant? You may, as remain voters believe it's the way to go. I'm sorry, your love for European culture, history and people is about to be destroyed. Your beautiful daughters raped and sacrificed today, end in all sold to the invading hordes tomorrow.

What does it take to awaken the dozy idiots to what is happening? A three year old child ruined for life by an acid attack. Thousands of girls raped at will and destroyed. A system so biased in favour of illegal migration as to scream racism at any protest. Cities, London strutting out in front, already lost to a barbaric culture so misogynistic it does this. Chief Secretary Robbins and his U mistress May, will not tell you that this is coming to the UK. Too busy engineering the sinister, underhand power of the EUSSR to rape 17.5 million voters who defied their corrupt voting fiddle in the referendum. The scum really believed that 3 million "imported votes" from Brussels were sufficient.

In reality, the evil shits were circa 3 million short. Ergo, a second ballot will not be so lost. Will May's collusion with Robbins, the EU and global deep state of Soros types win? Probably. Get your Russian citizenship docs to hand. Putin and Russia and probably China, oh th irony, our last hope for defeating the horror of an Islamic dominated planet.

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