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Friday, 1 June 2018

Very Important But Inconvenient Affairs.

A Sunni Interviews A President.

By any standards the interview of President Assad shown yesterday was very powerful in its portrayal of a leader who genuinely cares for his Country. The truth spoken of America's illegal fostering, with its dubious terrorist links and Saudi infiltration for profit and tribal warmongering, was not comfortable listening for those in the West in thrall to the American deep state.

His observations on the, to date and likely future, American backed support for Al Qeada and ISIL friends of the Saudis, were accurate and disturbing. Assad, with help from Russia and Iran, has held firm and his military successes are quite remarkable. Even in the face of inexcusable missile and other strikes by the Western puppets of America and in particular the lame reasons given by Israel in protection of their occupied lands, the lawful and elected government of Syria continues to advance.

That the West has totally ignored this interview tells us how very much part of the deep state our media is now intwined and bought. Those who lay claim to Russian control of media outlets as beneath our own self proclaimed squeaky clean bunch, are very blinkered. 

For me the truth of the conflicts inflicted on the Middle East bear remarkable similarity to those done to South East Asia. Firstly the Korean then the Vietnam conflicts were not exactly as we were then led to believe. Subsequently we were to learn we were every bit as much bad guys as our supposed enemies. Vietnam now a desirable tourist destination for the once brutal visitors of those conflicts. My Lai, anyone?

Why do we never, as a species, learn? I guess it's because the interests of a few but very privileged  groups, drawn for across the political and corporate as well as gangster classes, gain more from violence and the intimidation of others than decency can. Still history has shown rebellion against the elite does occur. Most notably in the French and Russian terrible revolutions. Times when the oppressed rose up and sadly became oppressors themselves.

Let us hope the next major uprisings, such as slowly growing against the EUSSR are not violent but history does suggest this to be unlikely. Already threats against Italy's people's government are somewhat ugly,  as we read here.

However the calm assessment of American motives by Assad and the ridiculous efforts being made to make Russia the old USSR enemy once more, even attacking Russian targets and aircraft over Syria, have not produced the childish reactions from Putin and his Government. Probably those kind of infantile utterances Bojo the Clown is fond of, which we we would and do witness from our own lot. As far as I'm concerned, better a diplomatic and intelligent leadership than those of the deep state or Saudi variety. Plus anything is better than that pretend State that is the EUSSR. 

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