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Thursday, 21 June 2018

So Now The Culling Is Underway.

It Won't Be Just Gosport. We Need To save Billions On Care for The Elderly.

Not yet as blatant as the abuse above but give it time. This terrible scandal now surfacing in Gosport is ghastly but probably some policy nodded through with obscure insinuation seized on by the more depraved we see in every walk of life. Sadly gaining traction on a daily basis as the Common Purpose stumbles on unforeseen obstacles to their dominance.

Just wait and see as this goes the way of the nationwide child sex abuse enquiry. Remember that? Too many in high places threatened then and easily got it squashed. 2016 this was written. Spot on. Not scaled back more parked in a deep cave somewhere in Whitehall. We live in a climate of underhand nastiness and depravity. 

Not only that we have a plethora of kids in Parliament and a culture that promotes a selfish and delusional generational attitude that these fresh faced but incompetent, ill educated, gullible fools have of self entitlement to everything. That includes a belief that so special is the youth of today they will never get old.

I guess, in some respects, this is true. Such is the greed, debauchery and addictive susceptibilities and easily led ignorance of so many of today's and indeed last few decades of this descent into banality, highlighted by the ridiculous success of fiction and "reality" TV, the indulgent fools may well find the culling demarcation age gets slowly reduced from the late sixty year olds to more the late 40 year olds.

The politically and socially engineered destruction of all incentives to family life, units and loyalties is reaching its peak. Married couples allowances but one example of the destruction of principles and decency founded on Christianity and responsibility for oneself and ones own behaviour, we are in a morass that is swallowing us all. Except maybe those minorities who profit and those who now relish victim hood status as a badge of entitlement. Many party to mass immigration, legal or otherwise.

Too many of the liberal, holier than thou, of course, live in very thinly glazed houses. So called charities now hijacked as moral crusaders, by the left. Indeed much of the state of our Western existence and its awfulness can be laid as much at the doors of the left as at those of the Bilderbergers.. All now party to very unholy and Unchristian hypocrisies.


  1. It all sounds very interesting but unfortunately I know not what you are on about. Gosport ? A link would be helpful.

  2. Anonymous, link now put in. Thank you for coming by and your comment.

  3. They want us shuffling off toute suite. Brave New World.