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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Shaking Up The World order.

For That, Mr President, We Salute You.

"Trumpet" this loudly. The American President is treating the Western, smug, too long in power and too corrupt, morally or greedily, to be given any real credibility as leaders, as they see it, harshly. All of them. I suspect The President has been able, also, to garner some details as to the nature of his own Country's deep state and the awful perpetrators of a global cartel of evil.

I have not found any stylish or elegant aspects to this President but I do like his feather ruffling efforts. So long overdue for a Western leader to put his people before the Common Purpose cretins and their ignorant seeking of world dominance. The holier than thou, we never do torture or human rights violations propaganda, so readily swallowed by so many lazy minds. If this were Assad and Putin it'd be all over the Western media.

I like his climate change stance, his shaking up, deliciously, the expensive and smug pomp of G7 style meetings and his suggestion they revert to a G8. Given the suggestion the EUSSR and G7 will need to seek better trade understanding with Russia, the EU mugs ought to be very careful The American President doesn't beat them to that sensible route.

As for trade wars, experts agree that in a 1000 such battles, America would win, especially if allied with Russia and China. Europe is on a very steep and precipitous edge. If there is no panic in the EUSSR dynasty it's only because Juncker is in a drunken stupor, after his post a calamitous G7 carousing.

Despite all the fake aggression towards Russia, using the EU's failed efforts in Ukraine and their now desperate behaviour, pathetic on so many levels, despite the smears and Skripal innuendo, one thing stands out. The West and its EUSSR construct is in terminal decline. How long before it implodes is anyone's guess. The abuse and isolation attempts of Putin are nothing but a weak distraction to hide the more substantial mess the EUSSR is heading for. Far worse than even this resume suggests..

Yet as Common Purpose weakly keep jamming fingers in dikes, the Dutch sort, all over Europe society is in a woeful and man made mess. This latest horror quite beyond belief. Sadly, the terror unleashed on our streets, ranging from mass murder to child rape and abuse, nearly always brutalised, racist, nastiness, grows day by day. Yesterday's blood soaked depths of violent depravity rapidly overtaken each following day.

Pundits wring their hands but never mention the deep cancerous cause of the decay. More money they cry, more growth, more people. All the reasons for the mess turned upside down and regarded as plusses. At least publicly. Bet McIntyre thinks otherwise. As will the chatterati and "celeb" crowd will as the Sodom and Gomorrah reality bites ever closer round their gilded cages.

Indeed as we have laid waste to Middle Eastern and other Countries' perceived undemocratic, despotic rulers, let us consider our own decline, under so called democracy, with the stability, at a cost, I realise, of powerful and seemingly undemocratic leaders. Despite the belief that we are a democracy, few ever voted for mass immigration, war in Iraq or the bombing of Syria, did we? We voted for brexit. That democratic pretense looks ever more likely to be quashed. As for representative democracy, look no further.

Then consider the South African model. Now openly seeking to murder and pillage centuries of successful white farmers. Not racist, of course, only whites can be racist according to leftie, liberal idealists, gazing blindly down from their superior towers of self righteous stupidity and self denial as to the carnage wrought.

Yup, the world order is under threat. I believe the sooner the EUSSR, in particular, is consumed to an inglorious footnote in history, the better the world will be. Nation states well run, democratic and accountable will return. Only one question is begged. What will the reversion to human nature, its better side and sense of belonging, cost in lives and resources, to achieve? This as the present day beneficiaries, such as the likes of Bliar and Cameron et al, gather their wagons under the direction of a Soros style wagon master, to repel the advances of barbaric realists and truth seekers. That are you and me!

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