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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Morality, Decency And Altruism All So Boring.

The West Now Built On Nurturing Sociopaths.

Sometimes Amnesty get it right, regardless. Regardless, that is, of which entity is the guilty party. Naturally the Western media and fake news corporations only report or quote their perceived enemies transgressions. Or even make them up as with the yet still to be proven Douma gas attack. You know the one, just before Syrian Government legally took back the place.

The picture above is a prime example of Western immorality and hypocrisy. The aftermath of the Amnesty report on the destruction of Raqqa contrasts starkly with the real story behind the liberation of  Aleppo. Not one mention in the West's media. Aleppo was twisted to suit the deep state narrative of the West.. Further evidence to match decades of misinformation stretching back to the early conflicts of the 20th century and two world wars.

Sadly the references to historical fact are now becoming "boring" to the modern and poorly equipped academic classes of today. So much of history has become inconvenient and to be vilified. Sure, in many cases there are reasons to question the narratives once readily accepted. Unfortunately these questions are couched in the sloppy morality and dismissiveness of human nature and tribal genetics that are as pertinent today as over the whole course of human existence.

Survival of the fittest is barely one jot removed from the bullying of others. Survival and therefore dominance, so often demands subjugation by decree and supported by violence. These very deep seated and rooted natural characteristics now more often to be found in economic circles and trade than conflict. So it appears.

However the West, led by the colonialist forces from the USA, their genocide of the North American peoples long forgotten, have, for so very long, determined that they alone should be allowed, on the back of their success in settling their stamp on the North American Continent, to now colonise the planet. With help of course. Hence the siding with anybody, from  South Vietnam, and its embarrassing defeat, via Saddam Hussein's help to fight Iran before further polluting the Middle East still further by turning on Iraq, Libya's destruction and Afghanistan's still strife ridden, war torn conflict.

As for morality, decency and altruism, as my title suggests, now boring for the billionaire elites now dominated by gangster investments, never fully reported on to this day. Corporate and political vested interest happy to put anything before the rest of human existence or need. Hence the obscene wealth held by many more of these PTB than all of the Russian oligarchs put together.

However, the yawn inducing litany of conspiracy and Common Purpose never expected the internet. Now millions can strive to shine some questioning light into the hypocrisy all around us. Although whistle blowing is still a dangerous game, a greater number of people are now able to blow along, with their own small whistles of discernment.

Long may people be allowed to do so and prevent the worldwide dominance the West's bloody hands of genocide, from America's deep state, seek so greedily to pursue. surely the time is now to demand that decency become less boring for all of us?

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