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Friday, 29 June 2018

EUSSR Excels.

The Power And Might Is Awesome.

The stupid Brits think they can leave.

After yet another useless gathering in Brussels we get utter but predictable tripe spouted forth. It really is an awful organisation and well overdue for demise. However with their grip on power and our money, they carry on without a care in the world. Happily becoming multi millionaires whatever the consequences of their actions and blind stupidity. Not for these unelected puppet masters of their "heads of State" in thrall to Merkel and the real EUSSR 4th Reich, in all but name.

The mass immigration will continue apace no matter what is pronounced publicly. Their goal is a subservient population cowed and brutalised by the clash of developed western cultures with barbaric, tribal and medieval migrant practices. The hosts' hard won freedoms and decency now decaying every day. I ask anybody, tell me any real, universal advantage brought people once they have been gobbled up by this gross concept of governance? Their national pride now ridiculed and trampled on.

Our towns and cities full of filth and violent, marauding "asylum seekers" hell bent on taking not contributing. Any genuine needy and threatened folk sidelined in favour of replacing the recalcitrant and endemic, non vitamin D dependent, original inhabitants of Europe. The cold shoulder offered to Afghan interpreters by the UK Establishment just one example of such nastiness and selfish, arbitrary decision making. 

The ghastly abuse of white women and frequently children, never spoken of. Was this touched on yesterday evening in Brussels. Not a chance. Just blithe, weak and idiotic platitudes with zero chance of success or any will to curb the grasping, racially motivated hordes now everywhere throughout our towns and cities. It is gross negligence, selfish and blinkered leadership run by Common Purpose, deep state globalists with populations too thick and foolishly liberal to see.

If only the UK had a leader prepared to stand up to this cabal of evil. Sadly "Tess of the Wobblevilles" hasn't a clue other than those dictated to her by a corrupt and seedy Civil Service Mandarins peering out from the rear ends of the likes of those two above. On with the "Motley" as they would have it.

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