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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Britain's 1930s Re-run.

How Can We Be So Stupid?

When this starts happening to you or I, or friends and neighbours, ere long, time for protest and voting for change will be gone. Just look at how much is being done to silence us all and 17.4 million votes to leave the fourth Reich EUSSR being trampled on. Just a small step away from loading those execution bound trucks above. You can do your own research here, So long as it's not removed.

I despair of the manner we are being subjugated. The media's collusion, in the main, to silence all contrary debate or expression of fear. The violent nastiness and thuggery in Lewisham all but suppressed. The despicable treatment of Robinson, vilified to the skies but zero publicity against the daily, unfettered cruel rape and torture of white children.

Where is the vitriolic anger at the likes of Soubry or the "me too" crap of spoilt "celebrities" to be found over the Muslim barbaric evil of child abuse, on an industrial scale? It beggars belief that not only was Cyril Smith as obscene an excuse for a human being as can be envisaged, there's now hundreds of thousands of them crawling our streets. Worse still massively populating the corridors of power.

Note, as I and many others predicted, the enquiry into widespread child abuse has disappeared into the ether. Probably too many vested and powerful perpetrators, alongside untold numbers of "Asian" facilitators to make any enquiry of use to "Common Purpose".

Of this I'm certain. The demographic social engineering of Europe is led by the once proud survivor of Nazi dominance, which subsequently has become, or at least its Establishment, LIB/LAB/CON puppets and slavish forelock tugging to a deep state future, or perhaps already present, puppets.

What a mess. Slums back in even greater volumes than pre-war. Kids no longer educated or taught discipline and their feral, self entitled arrogance now turning violent with their daily diet of "role models". People drugged out of their skulls, immoral and profound depravity the privilege of momentary east come easy go riches. Though celebrity wealth the lot of a very small number of idiots it is promoted as if you do not have this status you must go out and take it.

The racist abuse, trafficking and drug culture the result of this aimless, ill educated and immoral climate. Thank you all you pathetic political figures post WW2. One day, maybe not in my lifetime, you will reap even grimmer social environments. All of you and only you, will be to blame as even your little children will be fair game to marauding aliens and multicultural nirvana. As was Michael McIntyre and his son, just a few days since. 


  1. The muslims have openly declared that they intend to use our democracy to destroy us. And the political elite have passively encouraged it. But a warning to these elite - the left of Persia also encouraged the dogs of islam to overthrow the Shah; when the dust had settled, those leftists who dreamt of this Shah-free paradise found that, where they once could walk on two feet as they skulked in the corridors of power, plotting their nirvana, they were new experience of it was kneeling in front of their executioners.

    The same will happen to the traitors of Whitehall who have assisted this, as the enemy now knows how untrustworthy they are, as they are prepared to betray their own people.

  2. Such a fate will be well deserved, RR.