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Friday, 25 May 2018

We Should All be Getting Very Scared.

An Arrest For Highlighting The Rape Of Our Children.

It would seem this guy is the only lone voice in the land who finds the freedom given rape grooming gangs to, day after day, rape and torture children at will, a disgrace. Our politicians are even more disgusting than these barbaric scum in the manner they hide and tolerate that abuse. 

We are sick from top to bottom in our depraved society with all authority glorifying the likes of Jeremy Thorpe and drama series that give scant regard to the suffering these monsters cause. Once isolated incidents, the "in crowd" evil, like that of Cyril Smith, we now see, at the highest level, authority turn a blind eye to the thousands of children now trafficked for votes by Members of Parliament.

The police, very much part of the evil, as bad as anyone. Now so politicised, any dissent within their ranks is likely to end careers or worse. We are in a "Catch 22" of whistle blowing frustration. Our country a shadow of what it once was. Our judiciary also in the pocket of the deep state.  So politically correct and biased against their own race. One must pray she doesn't get to try Tommy Robinson, one day.

I am at a loss how we ever descended into the abyss of totalitarianism and racial bias against white people. If we are and have been so evil and wrong in our once lovely land and society, how come millions have come here to share in our wealth and success? Or is it to take and destroy, as is being done in South Africa? One thing is for certain, the genie is out of the bottle and violence a long hot summer closer. Freedom of speech a very distant memory.

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  1. There are more people watching than tptb think. May- be has now got some work to do. Money wont help. Paymasters will run to the hills, but in this day and age will not be hard to find. As Cicero said (The traitors within the gates)are the ones to look out for. Like the Nazi,and all, make lists. Put the evidence in the clouds. Quote Cicero (If you don't learn from history, you always remain a child). Do not agree with all this man says. He has a voice, and has the rite to be heard. JAVID says it all,eh.