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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Time For Serious Change.

She's Incapable Of Anything That Is Not Treacherous Compromise.

Due to lots of factors I've not blogged for a few days. Hope I've been missed! I suppose the gushing media fest, rainbow cough inducing of the nuptials left me void of anything this minor event could inspire.

Not to say the marriage of a well connected young multi millionaire to a young, experienced actress of mixed race and divorcee isn't something to be lauded. That it has driven a coach and horses through traditional adherence to vows, now just theatrical productions, or that the Christian values now giggled at on the very cusp of this union by the bride, aren't a cause for celebration. No, it's just that shadow of exploitation for pecuniary gain that sickens me.

So, back to Tess. Brexit looks almost certainly dead in the water. It'll drag on and on, be delayed for apparent assuaging of the majority vote and likely, circa 2030, end up in a second referendum. Time enough for the desired, deep state result to be guaranteed. That is if this dictatorial, unelected gestapo are still in existence. Or even Brussels itself.

Be certain of this. So long as this weak, civil service led by the nose, ghastly woman is kept in Office, we will never escape the crippling grip of the EUSSR. I met her once. She'd just been given a Transport Brief. I knew before she did. I'm sad to say, The UK under this woman, is a vassal State of the EUSSR and will never be anything but. She is steeped in a passionate, obsessive thrall  to her civil service, MI5/6 butchers and the useless despots in Brussels. None of them elected by anybody but themselves. 

Tell me, woman, where are the Skripals? Where's the evidence you use daily to vilify Russia? WTF is going on in Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and the growing possibility of peace in Syria? This latter possibility scares you and the West more than anything. It gives huge, global credibility to Vladimir and Xi Jinping if they, as looks probable, thwart America's deep state ambition. Can't have that, can we Tess? No wonder she pulls and gurns those faces. Loathsome woman. Give me Anne Marie Waters any day.

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