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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Still Believe The UK Government And Mandarins Are Special?

Of Course They Aren't Like Saddam, Or Their Nemesis. Assad.

Bliar was just one of them found out. Yet this story and shameful, evil horror is no more than is happening around us every day. The UK and the West are so morally bankrupt with their selective pals like the Saudis, their attitude towards any competition for wealth and power, such as Russia, is happily lied about and vilified.

The fear stalking our children and the rape and torture there, is just as with this latest, dreadful scandal, ignored and shoulders shrugged. Since the price of truth is electoral failure, in the Nation(s) now overwhelmed with gerrymandered mass immigration and the subjugation of the endemic and centuries old population.

The cringe worthy apology to Abdul Hakim Belhaj and his Fatima Boudchar is gross, when the people responsible are rich beyond compare, from their criminal periods of being astride the top of the dung heap. How being found out must have shocked them briefly before their mates and successors phoned to reassure them "it'll blow over in no time". We'll make sure your knighthods and wealth go untouched.

We can be certain Bliar, Straw and the creepy Mark Allen will be totally comfortable no criminal proceedings or honest investigation will touch them. However just read Fatima's account of the soon to be promoted CIA head's role in this harrowing detail. Read and weep. Then think on. How long before dissidents in our own shores, who dare to challenge the deep state, as we did in the Brexit vote, find themselves "set up" as these victims were, to facilitate "deals".

As for lying and the deep, deep certainty of never being punished, our Establishment has still to tell a soul what's happened to the Skripals. Or why they were to be hidden away, or worse? As for the endless drivel and stupidity of attacking others, Putin and Assad for a start, talk about pots and kettles. Yet our lot get away with their evil and lies 24/7.

Our media also bear responsibility for the whole grim state of hypocrisy and grim reaper behaviour of those in power. For years I've whinged, as have many others, about the globalist ambition for a select few to rule the rest. Vast and corrupt, untouchable corporations, banksters and gangsters, with the political arse lickers fully paid up members, see what I mean, all drowning in the thickest excrement of base and vile corruption. 

All are so secure in their life styles of debauchery and cocaine snorting derision at those who still believe in respect and the sanctity of truth and caring. Sodom and Gomorrah looking, when compared to the deep state of today, like a Walt Disney kiddies' classic cartoon. Well just very, very occasionally we get a peek at the depths they're prepared to go for their own gross needs. 

This tragic, terrible evil, meted out to these poor people, is but the tip of a huge iceberg. As more and more detail gets out and God willing, more brave souls like Assange arrive on the scene there remains a very slim hope the future course in which we are being herded towards, can be diverted. However the more likely outcome is our destination will be cages and brutality as any dissidence will be trampled on.

Of this I'm certain. Our police, secret services and judiciary are all perilously close to being completely on board the upper decks of the cattle trucks taking us to new horrors and concentration camps. Their belief that polite acquiescence to their masters is all they need to be left alone. Just kettle large demos, hammer ordinary plaintiffs who might have the temerity to challenge blind authority.

After all, if all else fails they can always turn to their hit men and torturers. Lets just hope the Skripals aren't suffering as the Libyan couple were forced to.What? Don't be daft, this case is just a one off, rogue MI6 bosses, CIA creeps and for sure Bliar nor Straw knew a damn thing. 

Oldrightie, you're mad with all this pro Russian anti West sentiment, silly sod. My LaiAbu Ghraib, or these humane and welcoming actions across the West probably never really happened.

Of course those examples are just isolated incidents, move on. Get more wonderful guys to come and rape, take benefits and enjoy housing, medical care and hospitality par excellence. The locals have had their turn. We need new, vibrant, drug dealing knife wielding, gun carrying gangsters and foot soldiers to force help us continue our ever growing might and power. We have to either breed the white skin into extinction or genocidal, tribal slaughter to achieve our Utopian dictatorships. Lies will become redundant when there is no hope left for those who once dreamed humankind was special.

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