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Monday, 14 May 2018

MI5 and MI6 Steeped In Political Excrement.

As We Saw In My Previous Post.

Jawing today with his mates in Europe, this latest "chief" in the Bliar mould of MI5 hit men, killing innocents like Dr David Kelly, this latest moron to hold our lives in his very murky hands, is preaching the anti all things Russian meme, yet again. Bet the vile man won't be parading the missing Julia Skripal to back him up, though. Or aplogising to the millions he and his CIA gangsters have dragged into the illegal meddling in Syria.

Even my little blog suffers from their auto check electronic bugs and is carefully stifled where deemed necessary. We live in gross times where democracy is the enemy of an ever more controlling deep state. Believe in any integrity of men like Parker at your peril. They really are the fully paid up, shameless hit men in suits of what once was the preserve of mafia and drug cartels. Proud to copy the evil ambitions of the CIA with zero ability of decency and moral worth.

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