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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mass Immigration And Why.

A Slowly Unfolding But Horrific Future.

Laugh or cry but don't ignore what is creeping up on the human race. The terrible fact of human existence is its inability to learn from the past. progressive ideology promotes but that was long ago, it's now that matters. We know so much more today.

This arrogant dismissal of the fundemental nature of survival and the need to band with likeminded and tribal affinities for protection and understanding of joint interests is as big a threat to all our lives as was the awful rise of Nazi Germany and the subsequent horrors. A feral political dominance now glaringly back in Europe and infecting the heart of UK society and freedoms.

Think not? Look at the Robinson, Choudry situation. An alien, culturally backward monster, found gulty of horrendous behaviour son to be freed whilst a peaceful protester in Robinson, remains imprisoned. His "crime"? Highlighting the grotesque neglect and evil acceptance of child abuse and daily rape of young, mainly female and white, children by THOUSANDS of ignorant, backward scum imported for their votes and militant permission of a wealthy, brutal and global elite.

In the USA they have their deep state, for a few years off guard by Trump's election but they are still very much in situ and very, very powerful. In Europe this deep state is the EUSSR. More visible but every bit as hidden and ghastly behind the scenes. let us just for once stop and examine what has just unfolded in Italy. Put it against the video events above and the parallels are awesome.

One huge difference is that it is the endemic, white races being vilified and unfairly hounded. Slowly, stealthily but as horrifically as the horrors related in the programme shown, the favoured migrant incomers are the future stormtroopers, concentration guards, gas chambers and furnace operators. Listen to the awful bullying ignored by the train passengers, just as we see across Europe today, as hordes of violent crimes are carried out without any fear of consequences.

The latest and to date most blatant act of undemocratic unpleasantness, on a par with the Nazi procedures rolled out across the Continent, is the total wipeout of the Italian election result. Remember the platitudinous, from the EUSSR, words when Mattarella was elected as a "token" President. A neat and seemingly innocent figurehead but now shown to be a tactical backstop to thwart 70% of the Italian electorate.

I make no apology for putting this hour long address at the head of this post. The cool words spoken, of the unimaginable nightmare experiences, make the parallels of the present day, not only in Europe but across the planet, even more obvious. The majority of the human race are an irritant to those who see the future of our species as one of a very small global elite, luxuriating in a robotic force of slaves mechanically providing the chores presently done by the less fortunate Eloys of today.

A Utopia with zero tribal conflict, mutual indulgence and a perfect life. That it will never come to pass never crosses the minds of the leaders of today. Many of those "in the know" or so wealthy their asetts act as a shield from covetous despots, really see tthe global "village" as the Nazis looked down at their victims.

Thank God, ironically, for Russia and China. Their leaders see the big picture and still take note of history. Our lot do not. The film above just forgotten. Even as the acts committed are slowly happening once more. Just a different set of actors. As we see deep in the heart of the rotten core of all those welded to the EUSSR machine. Like in the past, Russians regarded as sub human because they are a threat to the satanic Utopia sought by an elite. Seemingly a future with a massive Islamic and  dominant bureaucracy. One in the mould of the Saudi position.

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