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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Just A Quick Thought Or Two.

How Much?!

Not if but when.

The cost, according to this report based on a press release, is $8.1 billion. I suspect the $10 million decimal point is part of some slush fund budgeting. Who knows? The whole resurrection of an arms race might be bluff and brag fake news to push Russia into spending money they may not have. That or compromise their burgeoning wealth.

Despite US sanctions and obsessive negativity towards Russia, their grip on energy supply to Western Europe and the global aluminium business is putting egg on a lot of faces in the West. Not least that grossly incompetent, Soviet style, EU bunch of corrupt crooks. You know? The ones cooking up a gruel to force the UK into not leaving. It the UK stuck two fingers up at all of them, went for global, unilateral trade deals with China, Russia et al we would really see a Great Britain once more.

Nuclear tensions would be eased, Syria helped to rebuild and a fairer world economy evolve. 27 trade deals with the remaining EUSSR clowns would be just fine and the Irish border question revert back to the pre EUSSR dictatorship scams. If the 27 Countries can't do separate deals and stay locked in the deep sate grip of an unelected cabal, so be it. 

Still preferable to being dragged along to help fund the American arms dealers' salivating joy at ever more wealth exploited for their personal lust to rule over us all. One unprepared to consider that for Islam the destruction of human life on Earth suits their ideology for being the only ones chosen to go to Heaven and eternal life. Of course they are!

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