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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Government Cosseting Or Covetous Greed?

Either or Both Are Leftie Dogma. 

Well, it's still a glorious day but sadly the rubbish is out and spouting their utter idiocy and hypocrisy.
Now we see generational warfare is on the agenda. Willetts, a privileged sucker at the teat of the tax payer, coming up with utter stupidity and laying the blame for social failure on those already milked for most of their lives to pay for the feckless, the idle and the mass immigration plunderers.

We older folk didn't buy mobile phones, knives and trainers on a daily basis. Worked hard to follow the social attitudes of political urging to study, strive and aspire. Save and prosper not spend, spend, borrow, borrow, travel willy nilly and then beg for state support. How this moronic, modern, political cabal, with their hidden agendas, warmongering rhetoric and holier than thou people, sleep at night is beyond me.

This idea being trumpeted that we better off, older folk, owe younger others for being prepared to sacrifice luxuries and self entitlement to the pleasures of life, in order to be able to buy our own homes and then benefit from their inherent value increases, is a disgrace. Fiat money and its endless printing of ever more worthless paper is the real disgrace. 

That and the profligacy of the last 30 years or more of tax bribery to fund election success. Plus the gerrymandering of imported voters from the poorest and least contributory ranks of much of the world's human detritus. The use as a political football of the NHS just another example of mind numbing incompetence that infects our whole Establishment.

If you wish to gift many thousands of pounds to 25 year olds you first need them to have the educational skills to use it wisely. Fat chance of that happening. Nightclubs, drug dealers, car salesmen and weapons suppliers will be the main beneficiaries. Unlike most kids from middle class backgrounds whose inheritances in main are spent wisely on their offspring and the perpetuation of aspiration and ambition.

As things stand Lord (for goodness sake)Willetts is promoting ideas he knows full well will be far away from his own privileged status and hundreds of pounds a day to wine and dine at my expense and yours. Notwithstanding the mess our Nation is now in is as a direct result of his ilks dismal hours in power.

Tell you what, my Lord, how about cutting the burden of the bloated State's pension liabilities? How about cutting the constant increase in demand for our resources from the daily influx of legal and illegal immigration? How about getting rid of millions, yes millions, or though now only admitted as one million, so far, of draining demand of our dwindling resources? Better still, leave the EUSSR completely. No subscriptions, back door payments and MEP pension pots.

Nah, who's earnt over their lifetimes and done well without government nannying and meddling? What's one of the largest sources of the UK's wealth, even after the unfair council tax burden of decades? Who can pay the care costs of those who have never saved one penny in their lives? Who deserves the greatest punishment for doing well while others roam the streets in gangs and bully and steal from the vulnerable? 

I know, those old fashioned, stupidly proud and self reliant offspring of two generations, themselves sacrificed to war and decency. Those who contributed so much to the rebuilding of a Europe now drowning in politically engineered squalor. Well, Willetts, I wish you luck as you plunder the remains of our hard earned wealth and deny our offspring in favour of your trailer trash devotees and hopeful supporters at future elections.

You are now squabbling over the snowflake vote as you do over the ethnic one. Both churches devoid of aspiration and intelligence and easily led for now. The time will come, however, when the future wastelands of lawlessness, barbaric savagery and brutal violence for survival will come home to roost. Then nobody, not even the present and future dynasties of the Common Purpose, political, corporate and gangster elites will be immune to the Mad Max deserts of humanity left will be immune.

As I wrote earlier, how do you absolute failures and tossers sleep at night. Any of you, as the streets slowly morph into lawless, blood soaked nightmares. Any need for aspirational success gone for ever.

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