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Friday, 6 April 2018

Oh Dear.

It's Not As If We Didn't Know Where We Were Heading.

The terrible destruction of European cultures and Nations continues apace. When an event like this is passed off by a dim witted moron of a player you can gauge the role model influence on other young, thick, aimless youths, can you not?

This utter stupid banality by De Bruyne is just a minor but still significant pointer of many incidents involving, as often as not,of the hordes of forced multi cultural and disenfranchised, stateless riff raff, imposed on once proud, evolved, decent Nations and societies. Common Purpose and its deep state are rampant and their proxy thugs now among us by the millions.

This global conspiracy to turn the human race into heavily dominated zombies is no mad theory. What else can explain the raping of children, political correctness and that joke of a phrase, positive discrimination? The reduction of police influence and presence in London alone, leading the way for proxy driving subjugation violence only considered for apprehension when done by a victim. A known ganster and thug reportedly from a family of serial criminals and our very own trailer trash.

As for the ongoing "firefighting" and dreadful Skripal affair. Viktoria, Julia's cousin now being hounded to shut up since her narrative unwelcome on Julia's blessed recovery. Sky using a chilling phrase that, "like the police officer "contaminated", Julia is likely to "disappear". For sure it seems her own Government will not be allowed anywhere near her. Why not?

Then there is, if true, her reported legacy from her brother of circa £150,000. Yeah, sure, where did that really come from? Originally, that is, since such quickly achieved sum by her brother takes many a lifetime to get. One thing is for sure, we as a nation, what little is left, are being heavily "mushroomed" by a Government and Establishment with any real deep concern for its endemic history and races.

Fake news or not, if there is truth in the death of the Skripal's pets. That house has been trampled through by vets, cats, guinea pigs and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. As for this military grade agent, as pointed out by others, the charade and comedic theatre of biologically suited minions mingling before and after their pantomime clearing up for the cameras, among normally clothed members of the public and other agencies is as funny as Lammy's gaff of gaffs, we all have roared over. 

One final further nastiness. The heavily censored non media covered madness in a Royal Park. What more is there to say? Just further evidence of the proxy use of third world immigrant dominance to subdue all protest by whatever means. Dare I suggest this flagrant flouting of regulations is little different than the anti Russian hysteria we are being force fed. Not least by a coke snorting imbecile, once, maybe, an intellect but now addled and lost in his own chemical agent

One thing I am very certain of. Russia and China will never be part of Common Purpose over Nationhood, sovereignty and multi-cultural positive discrimination. Their vast countries are sufficient for their own needs and they are in a far better place now than, I fear, we will ever be again. Any Nation allying with these Countries will thrive far better than the Common Purpose run ghettos of decay being planned for Europe and  as the evidence tells us, well underway.


  1. You are right. The prayers in Hyde Park blatantly ignored by the police, despite concerned citizens bringing it to their attention that it was highly offensive, demonstrate that the concerns of the historical residents are of no concern to those in authority. Sadly, I feel that the ability of the British to rise to victory against apparently insurmountable odds, as demonstrated so many time in times past, may not come to our rescue (and the rescue of the entire world, to tell the truth), again. I fear for the future of our children, as the old maxim of the higher the climb, the greater the fall will come into play, and the savagery of the Dark Ages will be as nought with what is to come.

  2. RR, we still must keep sight of the joy of our ancestry and realise whatever the future holds, we did our best.