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Monday, 30 April 2018

Monday, Monday.

So Little Changes.

The departure of arch remainer Rudd is no loss to those desperate to be free and independent of the EUSSR. However the Mandarin deep state continues its secret, Common Purpose war against the ever declining spirit of the once proud British people and are gaining daily more success. Not least against a PM who's weak and actual support of the EUSSR elite is deep and strong. she is there to disguise the real evil that is getting ever more powerful in its secret undermining and destructive goal of undemocratic need to be all powerful.

These same global deep state and hateful people are embedded in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the mighty and powerful agencies of the United States. None of these cabals care one jot for people unless of need for stormtroopers and unquestioning military subservience, to do the bidding of the ravaging greed and lust of a few but secretive control freaks. 

There are some parts of the human race less prepared to toe the line. Russia, China and Iran but three of probably many more Nations. Poland, Austria, The Philippines as well as many in South America. However the might of Saudi oil and the coveted oil reserves of more independent minded Nations in the Middle east have been so isolated, vilified and bombed in an effort to subdue and submit, that mess "trumps" all common sense and decency.

Then there is Ukraine. Their survival now at the whim of the West's meddling and being used, despite their strong ethnic ties to Russia, as a large stick to add to the arsenal of fake news and anti Russian propaganda. Israeli jets and other surrogates, bombing to hell and back the already shell shocked but stoical and majority supporters of Assad and the Syrian Government, let alone Yemen. 

The irony of supporting a Government in Yemen but warmongering against the Syrian incumbent and legal Government in Syria goes disregarded. Just as the "humanitarian" terrible destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya continues. It's weary but demanded by the deep states involved and that ever more powerful monster, the EUSSR,  need to perpetuate the reduction to rubble of millions of peoples' homes and cities for purely greedy and economic supremacy at any price.

Where is any diplomacy? Just a few weeks ago we watched the Americans, French and British clowns manufacture fake evidence of chemical weaponry use to attack, yet again, Syria. That having failed to provoke the close to victory of Assad and his allies, over the might of the CIA and their mates in Tel Aviv and Riyadh, we now have the unseemly nastiness of gathering terrorists in the North of Syria under one banner. 

That being touted by the Saudis and their unholy alliance with the Israelis as a great excuse to unite against not only Syria but Iran. So gross, but so comfortably kept quiet by the scum masquerading as media in the West. No outcry against the horrors of Yemen and the American need to constantly repeat the terrors inflicted on Vietnam, Iraq and Libya. All out of greed and lust for dominance and the annihilation of Nation States whilst hypocritically promoting those they curry favour with of from. Israel in particular.

Yup, another ground hog Monday morning. Local elections about to excite the kiddies in the media playgrounds this week. We can but hope independent or smaller, new party candidates do well. Sadly, even then, fraud and gerrymandered mass Islamic immigration may blunt any protest vote. One thing is, however certain, any vote for the main two LabCon dinosaurs will be more of the same ghastly decline of this Country. One already being engineered by the overturning of the Brexit vote and a watered down and even more subservient membership of a Soviet EU.

Here is a wonderful young face of hope and freedom. Note how his life is regarded as less valuable in the cause of Common Purpose, though.

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