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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Macron, A Boy In A Dream World.

One Of Many In The West's Political Kindergarten.

After the weird visit of Macron to America we can but marvel at his supreme arrogance highlighting his immaturity and lack of wisdom and diplomacy. It's as well he has an older mother figure to pull him back from further bouts of even more extreme narcissism and childish hubris.

When the Biased Broadcast Corporatiion and its devotion to both the EUSSR and Trump bashing is gushing over such a kid, those of us with our dread of the West's global direction for Common Purpose can see why this guy is a poster boy for the sycophants of our Lame-Stream Media. 

His alacrity at playing war games with the marginally older but hardly wiser crowd of Bojo and Tess, holding their noses alongside Trump, to make a pathetic and tokenless gesture against the people of Syria shows the accuracy of my opening comments. Like his other two playmates, he has major issues in his own backyard, so that gross "bombs for peace" crap was hardly the actions of sensible and diplomatic characters.

One should note, however, like Angela, he's a little more circumspect about Russia bashing. Offering his "boyish charms" to act as a go between, very in the L P Hartley novel, for the various parties. That analogy about as apt as one can get. Albeit the central character even younger than our boy. 

Mind you, even in this panting offer to play go-between he rather, as reported at least, displays his naivety and will need a long chat with his surrogate mumsy over this somewhat infantile approach. This surely balanced report offers clues to Macron's lack of attention to detail.. For example note how the moribund "Geneva talks" included Turkey, now far more committed to the Astana process. This latter one includes the significantly strengthened legal Government of Assad and ought morally to also curb the vicious anti Kurdish Erdogan activity.

We also have to consider the Saudi panic over Trump's desire to quit Northern Syria and his faux anti terror position. One which, in reality is the last safe haven for fleeing, defeated rebels and barbaric scum, thankfully thrashed in most of the rest of Syria. Terrorists armed and funded by the Saudis and assisted by the West and its obsessive need to make all of the Planet its very own fiefdom.

Like it or not, Russia and Assad show us all that peace is a difficult ambition to seek when the enemies of pride, the need for humans to belong to a "family" and have a nurturing tribe, or Nation, to protect and guard from outside, malignant forces and covetous evil. Islam very much in that ilk.

Those who still refuse to understand the threats to a peaceful world, the globalisation and expansion of elitist self interest and its cosy siren choirs of corporate, gangster and political hordes' tunes, need only consider not just illegal wars but also the loss of control over our lands and seas. Pollution and plastic waste garroting the very life from us all. 

Exacerbated and horribly expanded by this drive away from individual Nationhoods and this Orwellian "1984 newsspeak" Macron employed in his poseur speech to Congress. we have a political goal of building a free Syria,” which is not under the influence of another country or destabilizing the region", he cooed. Whilst joining in with a "bombing for peace" exercise and spouting and spitting out that word "populism". 

Which in reality is a cornerstone of democracy. The will of the majority, ergo the most popular leader or policies rule. In a fair electionprocess, at least. One which both Putin and Assad, like it or not, can claim, under inspection from outside observers.

This very inconvenient and never mentioned fact for Assad.  As for Russia, we could do worse for our elections than make such invites. Also bear in mind the EUSSR chiefs are not elected but chosen by their mates!

Finally, if you are tired of this approach, look at other arguments for the mess we are in. Note in the comments the references to the UK's sheeple mentality. Enjoy the day!

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