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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

I Am Not Such A Lone Voice After All.

For Once A Major Politician Gets It Right.

The American and Western deep state love their own ability to hypocritically, blithely and with untouchable ignorance spout and act with moral superiority. 20th century history and their use of a nuclear weapon targeted DIRECTLY on two major cities in Japan. Then barely 20 years later pummeled Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to the ground. Napalm, as bad as any chemical attack ever known in history just "collateral" damage.

In the years post 9/11 they have now, the US deep state and its puppet allies in Europe, the UK worst of all, happily nodded through CIA controlled destruction across the Planet. Their Iraq war now accepted by sensible people as to have been illegal. Yet in the piece I found so refreshing this morning, they are, without a shred of "WMD" evidence seeking military conflict to overthrow a sovereign Leader, Assad.

As Assad has got within a hairsbreadth of saving his Country, against huge odds and underhand terrible alliances with the butchers of ISIS and Al Nusra, by American dark forces, Trump is now puffing up his chest and proving all of his detractors right. He's not Presidential material. Sadly. Weeven have warmongering rhetoric straight from the Bush Jr. lexicon of Armegeddon style language. This idiot of a dragon in drag spouting we don't give a toss for international law. As for the "animal" insult, some evidence of this would be helpful.

So just stop a moment and look at this. Now here's a statesman behaving and speaking truth for once. I don't fancy his chances. Nor Julia Skripal's chances of freedom from persecution. Not from her own people either. She's out of hospital but will not be allowed home to Moscow. A devious excuse will be her "safety" from a yet to be proven monster or monsters. CI looking ever more likely involved.

Anyhow, before my troll gets on his high horse, I give you my inspiration for today's post. Senator Ron Paul.

Firstly a brief taste of his words. ""I don't know what they are confident about. They are confident in telling lies and hope people will believe it,"  and ""I cannot see any reason why Assad would do this, there's no reason for Russians to have done that.". 

In a sane, fairer political western climate where money and greed, together with a lust for power over others were not so prevalent, so many more people could be happy. Indeed with more people such as Senator Paul, we could even be close friends and allies with Russia. As we are told with the Saudis, it's supposed to be possible to be allies with real monsters, let alone decent, leading by example people like Senator Paul.

Here's the link. You won't find it anywhere else, I doubt. Feel free to prove me wrong. Or at least consider the monstrous and proven actions of The Deep State. It really does exist and is no friend of the human race and love of democracy in the raw. One where ordinary people's voices really count.

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