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Thursday, 19 April 2018

How Many Institutions Still Matter To The West?Continued.

It Would Seem None .

I missed yesterday's chance to continue but here we go. Firstly this link, reasonable and well argued, surely? Which is more than we can say for UK politicians right now and indeed for many years.

The "Windrush" debacle as much an illustration of Civil Service incompetence as the political fools. As for the Nazi slur on "Newsnight". Lord Kerslake should be hung drawn and quartered.  A Labour adviser and Blairite acolyte who, despite tax payer funded wealth and a bloody peerage, sulks and schemes as these ghastly, self entitled, arrogant Mandarins are totally obsessed and ingrained in self promotion and office politics before any sense of duty to earn their privileged life styles.

You can identify Orwell's statement above so very easily from Kerslake's smug attitude alone. However he just represents one of the factors behind how low, corrupt and dangerous our governing Establishment has come. Throughout our NHS management armies, Police, Educational managements and the desperately corrupt Civil Service, all we have are people bent on any path diametrically opposed to the well being and benefit of the population at large.

The falsehoods, propaganda and metaphorical forcing of us all to dig our own graves, for their Common Purpose designs for power and dominance, is evidenced daily. The use of a meme to drive people to believe the lies and evil all emanate from Russia is nothing short of sickening. The success, to date, of presiding over child sex abuse, funding a "remain campaign" with tax payers' money and now an illegal military strike on another country are but the tips of icebergs in an Arctic, frozen swamp.

The Skripal case is another probable, "highly likely" distraction and "get Putin" exercise, as is the alleged chemical attack in Syria. There now being a statement from the desperate American deep stae that small arms fire in Douma is a plot to delay while a clean up operation is carried out. Sure but a rather tiny, minuscule matter compared to lobbing 100s of missiles at the Country in a "desert "Stormy" like operation.

Claims and counter claims themselves are all flying about right now but the more measured and evidence based ones do appear to come more from the Russian side. Not least the Salisbury issue. The main victims, including a Police Officer, nowhere to be found. Why? Part of making "lies sound truthful and murder acceptable". If Kerslake is to go by after "Newsnight" we have a civil war abroad right now between Government and the Mandarins so long kept quiet but now dangerously close to being discovered.

As for "so what"? Well, if just one of those missiles had hit Russian personnel as has happened, already on at least one occasion, coupled with the rhetoric from the American deep state then a significant and potential nuclear conflict arises. As was the awful possibility which briefly surfaced after Trump's "Stormy" diversionary tactic last weekend.

Sadly the West's "lame stream" media colluded and conspired to quash all dissent and dismay that strike caused, among ordinary people desperate for a peaceful world the arms dealers and industry fear for, on profit and personal wealth grounds. Fortunately it didn't, yet, escalate. The need for conflict to control the populace, though, remains.

As does the need to thwart Brexit. Already the betrayal of hope for a new British fishing industry to arise is as dead in the water as the fish thrown back to rot by the factory ships and giant trawlers destroying our waters and their precious marine life. Take a moment to consider the lies over the EUSSR monolith.

An EU Army was never going to happen and their were no plans, said deceitful and lying Clegg, to name but one. "Animal Farm" characters all over this one, the lies palpable. It is just endless and totally suppressed by a dearth of media sycophants prepared to peddle the spittle these people cover us with than challenge the depravity we know is there.  Proof positive that lies get you knighthoods!

As for we dissenting voices. The well rehearsed vitriol of the tame and sheeple trained masses, mostly living within a twenty five mile radius of that cesspit that is now London, is poured daaily forth in industrial quantities and the "isms" and phobias paraded forth as truths to attack common sense and the last dregs of decency some, thank God, still try to follow.

Not least the 40 years of Middle East reporting of Robert Fisk. Unreported in the main and ignored, of course, by Western media. It is so despairing to see the slums across the West, the uncontrolled mass immigration destined to end up in them and expedite their decay. The violence and barbarity of child sex grooming and its contribution through slavery and violence adding to our GDP.

A disgusting fact few know about. yet again so indicative of why the lies and nastiness are so necessary. As the articles on this matter point out, crime is paying big time for too many for truth to be readily on the menu of depravity our Government and Common Purpose offer. Here's your plate of gruel, Sir we've run out of caviar except for our "special customers".

As for my post title. The UN, as did the League of Nations, has become outdated and matter less and less. Humanitarian and charity missions are now tainted by lust and greed but we see no real effort to show any of them matter anymore. International agreements on chemical weapons and OPCW work only acceptable if it toes the line spoken by the likes of America's awful UN woman, Hayley. As much in the mould of the British PM, May. Both woman who have now chosen, seemingly, to adopt the excellently referenced Queen in Alice in Wonderland, by Russia's Lavrov. A starker and more relevant referral than Bojo Buffoon's Dostoevsky effort!

Sad and scary times as the West moves apace to ignore and sideline legally established but inconvenient protocols. Very modern day, topsy turvey USSR western style morphing.



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  3. Anon, no need to shout with capitals. It is often interpreted as rude and hard to ascertain in the comment, such as it is, to whom or what advice it alludes. As far as I am able to ascertain, it is myself who is the butt of this significantly difficult to follow comment. Or is it aimed at Orwell or perhaps a quote from his superb writing and philosophy.

    Whatever, I cannot see in this particular post, or indeed any others I have written, where I deign to offer advice. Observation, yes. Commentary and attribution yes. Above all else a vent to my own thoughts and feelings of life, politics and the human condition.

    Mine, I'm able to say, is a very contented and happy, problem free retirement in a beautiful home with the love of my life these past 37 years. My only real sadness is the filth and decay plaguing this country and the Western world and its casual drift towards a fascist or Marxist State or worse, a nuclear holocaust. All of which, God willing will be the lot of younger generations and sheeples too idle and selfish to care, to suffer.

    With luck, since I am now past my seven score years and ten, my remaining years will remain content and my sadness and care for those i leave behind eventually faded. At that point I will for sure no longer post or blog. Advice or "owt" else.

    Like Orwell and Enoch Powell and today Anne Marie Waters, I can say, as they have and do, at least we tried.

    Thank you for your less than inspirational comment and dare I say what appears to be the great advice therein and your probable fulfillment of its tenet.

  4. Whoops, I meant three score years and ! Still if I could have a problem seven score and 10 I'd be an even happier soul of 150 year of age.