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Monday, 9 April 2018

Firefighters Running Out Of Water.

Common Purpose Losing Many Of Their Evil Plots.

The image above is how I see Common Purpose in these present times, as they struggle on several fronts they never expected to. Possibly the least they hoped for was a demolition by now and on behalf of the awful Saudi Wahabi tribes, of Syria as a Nation. Just as is the aim and goal for the EUSSR. Total subjugation the desired future of a World to be dominated by the American deep state, it's surrogates and its wealth savaged for the benefit of a chosen, by they, dominant dictatorship.

Saudi wealth a key to the sought after success of this global nightmare already well advanced. Europe now swamped by willing foot soldiers capable of utter, depraved savagery on behalf of their masters and providers. A savagery happily permitted,to weaken and control their victims. Mostly white and with a ready supply of, as Jack Straw happily pointed out, the despicable little scumbag, back in 2011.

However, the ambition right now is stalling. China not as readily persuaded to sign up as the trade inducements are nowhere near enough to buy them off from their Nationhood desire for independence from a global, criminal and unworthy elite. A patriotism they share with Russia, big time. Also demonstrated by China's tacit but unequivocal support for Russia's legal presence in Syria at the behest of a sovereign State. Add Iran's support, too, as a strangely satisfying counter to the West's deep ambition for dominance. No wonder their nuclear weapon programme was a bothersome fact. Albeit North Korea managed to outwit the Western fools.

As for the tail chasing going on, led Quixote style, by Buffoon Boris and Common Purpose, deep state are in danger of becoming a mockery and laughing stock for all those with eyes to see. As Brexit gets, we can but hope, ever closer, Hungary have a leader in Orban now validated with his sensible, right wing approach to mass immigration and the disintegration of once proud Nations around him, all give us hope. At least of us yet to lobotomised by our erstwhile masters.

However the fools fronting deep state and their Common Purpose are not pleasant people. We only have to visit their double standards and hypocrisy paraded by a media cowed and controlled to toe the lines to be afraid. Take the Skripal affair. Pun alert, cooked up by whom? Orchestrated by some kind of crazed and incompetent cabal getting ever more desperate.

Viktoria Skripal  refused a visa, Julia nowhere to be seen. Her father getting better by the day but little chance now or ever to tell his side of events. No way. Then the weird media deluge of faction and jokes. CIA to offer new identity and a "disappearance". Smacks of a second go to use them for future scandal or shut them up. Julia's family query as to why she would choose to give up her life in Moscow is a factor quietly ignored here. What theatre but sadly what horror.

Let us be clear, whatever is behind the present goings on, we will all be the losers and victims of a potential conflict with manufactured enmity and hypocrisy the weapons used. As Assad and his legal allies are close to a complete victory over IS and Al Nusra, the present proxy infantry of the Western deep state, as once was Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda while they served nefarious purposes, we get a chemical attack.

Then we have the OCPW factors. This long article does not give more than any lukewarm comfort to the Russian baiter and the shrill, evidence light accusations. As with the Litvinenko murder, concrete evidence has never, ever been proven. Indeed Berlin might have, in a fair world, have offered this for consideration now. As with Skripal we are supposed to take the "WMD" dossiers, propaganda and brainwashing without the slightest doubt.

We have the exact almost verbatim outpourings over the alleged attack in Douma but we must not, under any circumstances, have any doubts. "We say" it is so it is. Sure, anything Russia says is to be disbelieved. Whilst all the Buffoon Boris says and does is sacrosanct, unquestionable and  just, as with Bliar and Campbell's plagiarised and lying dossier on WMD, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Remember Bill "cigar" Clinton's weasel excuses for his predatory Presidency and the shame of all that? No probs just elect his Mrs down the road. The duped and pathetic public won't give a (pun) toss! All I ask, as the sabre rattling is heard clinking on the metal casings of ballistic missiles, do you expect an invite into the survival bunkers set aside?

At best we are being set up to live on our own doorsteps the meddling interference across the Globe which has laid waste to the Balkans, threatens Ukraine and our very own British Isles. Would it not be better to ally with Russia, dismantle the EUSSR and land a powerful blow against the Common Purpose deep state. Our grandchildren, if around, might be thankful.

One further issue we should use comparatively is that of the Philippines. Note the similarities with Syria and Ukraine. A leader who wants to have his own choice of friends and now fears the long dark shadow of the CIA. Can't have that can we?

It's getting worse by the second. Trump now so far up the deep states arse he's about to kick off WW3. How utterly stupid. As with the Skripals, so with Douma. On little or no evidence he's going to start lobbing missiles on Syria. Supposedly no civilians will get hurt, again. Except when the despreration and sore losing mentality forced the fools to switch to nuclear weapons. Those grandchildren may never be born. What is a matter with them? 

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