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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Each Blog Could Be The Last Right Now.

As For Monsters.

I am devastated by the outrageous stupidity and blind, undemocratic evil these and their mates are portraying. Not a brain cell of  decency between them as they toy with Armageddon and give the impression of an orgasmic anticipation of the unlawful killing about to be unleashed.

Let us be clear. The Skripal poisoning was a sideshow, more than likely a theatre of the absurd just for more Russia bashing for economic, geo-political purposes. An excuse to go after Putin for daring to rescue the Syrian Nation from a fate worse than Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon.

When that failed to move us towards a potential nuclear war we got this Douma "chemical attack" film, seemingly shot in a dingy flat by a ten year old, with a half dozen or so "victims" being all but water boarded, Abu Grab style. The hose bearing terrorists in a variety of face masks, some barely over their mouths, patting down sarin or chlorine soaked clothes with their bare hands. Some of the attendees dressed in short sleeve shirts and not even wearing face masks.

This ridiculous pantomime showed an even less "deadly" Skripal exposure to poison gas and the abuse of little children getting manhandled and soaked in icy cold water. Yet this debacle of footage, on the eve of another Syrian liberation from the butchers that have carried out their terror and evil, monstrous war on the innocents, backed by the West and their Saudi puppet masters for over seven years, is cause for the madman and Stormy shagging fool, now POTUS, to get his equally evil shits of the deep state swamp he's now happily dived into, to bring us beyond even the Cuban level of nuclear holocaust possibility.

Now that sorry woman, never voted to be the UK PM is reading from and acting on, to the letter, , the Bliar dossier of illegal killing mantra and state annihilation. Why? No Parliamentary debate, nuclear submarines reported to positioning to Middle Eastern waters, thanks for the tip off, Tess and not one hint of anything but a powerful lust to declare war. Jezza Corbyn, for God's sake, appearing to be the only statesman like  caller for more evidence.

Here's a thought. Life under a Corbyn, Marxist regime or a nuclear wasteland. One could argue that the sudden waking up of the snowflake western populations and the Brits in particular will be harsh indeed under both alternatives. The latter just a much fewer left to survive the dark future left. For what? It seems nobody really knows.

As for the consequences of the violent and monstrous actions about to be instigated, do this cretinous cabal of bloodthirsty and childish bullies believe only the military pawns will get hammered? Not only the whole Planet but what's left of Syria after the Saudi desire to obtain it or wreck it, will be devastated. All to further a Common Purpose to allow only their hierarchy to enjoy our world on the backs of the rest of us all worth less than the ill gotten billions funded the ghastly motives.

How ironic that the joy of Brexit, another casualty for sure of this bomb sabre rattling crowd of evil and the bloody nose Trump's election win gave the Deep State creatures of nastiness has so rapidly come to the brink of nuclear winter. That the players are disregarding the might of a powerful Sino-Russian axis to counter the depth of and paucity of Western Politicians  and their greed, arrogance, sense of undeserved superior morality and utter emptiness of intellectual reasoning, is proof enough they have lost all credibility as human being.

Monsters is a far more justifiable accusation to level at Trump and May than any levelled at Russia. A Nation who legally and by invitation have almost brought peace to Syria, against all odds and the might of Saudi engineered, trained and armed barbaric scum abetted by the West. Their response at defeat? The potential to destroy the human race out of one big, infantile sulk. Shame and disgust will be never known in the gloom of that "Mad Max remaining environment to come.

If this proves my last post ever, good luck to all survivors. You will be the unlucky ones, I'm afraid.


  1. Those in charge know the game's up, in the west hundreds of thousands more blinkered blinded souls finally awaken daily, shed the blinkers and at long last switch off the damned state propaganda broadaster's idiot box in the better example of such evil than the bbc.

    We are seeing the death throes of a mortally wounded globalist empire, one that grew exponentially until one day someone freed the internet, the internet allowed us, the normal, to discover we were not alone, that there was another world out there, the true world.
    They failed to police the internet and now millions more have woken to the truth.

    They are like spoiled children, we stopped play the game to the rules they made up as they went along and now they are losing, so they are going to smash the game on the floor and stamp their little pincey feet.

    A few short years ago, Saddam Gaddafi and Assad were our best mates when it suited, they managed to kill the other two when they failed to play the game any more, thankfully Russia stepped in to save Syria from total destruction and its fall into the hands of unlimited versions of throat slitters.

    How statesman like Putin is compared to so many of our western puppet leaders, Assad too and other patriot leaders such as Victor Orban, amazingly Corbyn too now, a lone voice of sense and reason in our increasingly surreal political landscape.

    If the coming armed hell doesn't silence you and other commenters and posters Rightie, i suspect the jackboots in blue or their uselful idiots will be kicking in our doors probably around when it all kicks off, so only the right narrative is heard.
    Truth being the first victim, as always.

    Good luck to all, we're all going to need it.


  2. Top rant and good luck to you too.

  3. Dear Judd and Anon, thank you for your kind words. Let us hope, as at the moment appears possible, a bit of sense arises. What a disappointment Trump has become. We always knew Tess of the Troublevilles is an unelected Snooty Gordon type and how accurate we were but The Yanks are deranged to a scary degree.