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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

April Showers.

Plenty To Choose From!

I hope many had a wonderful Easter time in which the message of Christianity's better side and efficacy as a way for humans to exist was present. Regardless of religious or spiritual confidence we can be certain our modern way of life is woefully lacking in understanding of how to cope with the ever growing population tsunami we fail to address.

Now to April showers. Firstly the British Government, its spies and Mandarins. Especially if we look at both sides in any argument. The whole orchestrate Skripal affair has been as wet as any April downpour. Whoever thought casting Buffoon Boris in the lead was equally an idiot. So many examples out there.

On the shower behind the Skripal affair, they must be getting very worried they aren't getting the rainbows so readily. This feature begs all credibility. Certanly the need to start muddying the waters, as the possible facts are revealed and the OPCW is about to reveal, hopefully, the nature of the "agent" employed. There is also some obscure French connection in there somewhere. It does look as though the botched business is "likely" to be revealed soon.

More heavy showers and their catalyst are part of the Easter break. As Raedwald and many others  have been aware for many, many months and using the childish media and Met Office hype, not the beast from the East but rather the "Monster from the DPP". 

Another shower shown in the link above is the Electoral Commission. Given swamps are caused by water and heavy, frequent showers, we are on the one hand blessed for all the rain but still need to drain the swamp regularly to keep it pure. Something the Soviet Union experienced back in 1989. Unfortunately a new and more stench filled swamp has arisen on the back of the one drained. Western Common Purpose, deep state.

My final allusion to showers is the Corby anti-semitic downpour. I have said it many times, I regard Corbyn and his dogma as dreadful. Full of the worst of the Soviet Union's draconian and genocidal tendencies. However the irony, for me, is the witch hunt that is being whipped up by people who have happily embraced millions of immigrants from across the Muslim spectrum. People who now need to be nurtured for their massive electorate influence. Both genuine and fraudulent.

So the Western Establishments need to carry large umbrellas and tip toe round flooded areas gently so as not to upset the new and often "underclass" migrant electorate. Given the present issues over the immigrant masses, between Italy and France, to name but one, thunderstorm brewing nicely. Together with the growing justifiable violence in Greece, the imprisonment of the Catalonia ministers across Europe, Austria no longer as enthralled with the EUSSR, Hungary and Poland horrified at the rape of other countries and the April showers look set for a very wet political year of fallout!

Strewth, just as I posted up pops this little gem. Or rather huge, black, dark cumulonimbus anvil cloud. This will be some clang of a downpour. Don't expect any resignations or apologies  from Boris Buffoon, May or their child prodigy warmonger defense Secretary Williamson, though.

This is a guy measured for a suit on demob and an embarrassing smile on being dishonourably discharged.

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