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Thursday, 22 March 2018

When Is A Thought Not A Conspiracy Theory?

Presumably When Someone Is Happy For Debate To Take Place.

In the modern and in so many ways, ghastly society all Western nations have become, as their decline gathers pace and the PTB are becoming ever more panic struck at the chaos, language gets even more bastardised. Very much as forecast by George Orwell in his novel, "1984".

Not just the meaning of words but the manner of their manipulation. Now everything said by authority has to have a large dose of propaganda approved, before being permitted to enter the public's consciousness. Add to this the addled brains of many public figures, for whom cocaine is their post cheese course and language grows more and more difficult to follow.

One habit today is the lack of preparedness of seemingly everyone to consider others' points of view. "My way or no way", once the  preserve of leftards, now contaminating all across the political and media spectrum. Discussion confined to like minded individuals and ergo, debate and diplomacy ruined. The Skripal matter a perfect example of this. 

As pointed out today, the nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong-Un's brother was said to be invented in the UK. Then take that dreadful May's statement in Parliament over "Novichok". "Of a type developed by Russia". So if a chemical agent is known to be of "a type developed by Country X" then the ridiculous, crafted by others phrase, "of a type developed by" the woman so self importantly prescribed, in the old language era, makes the UK responsible for the Jung-on attack!

See how language is now just as the idiots in power determine it should be. No debate, logic or sensible discussion allowed. As for the fools in Parliament, who regard themselves as so very special, their nodding heads and collusion in total, unquestioning stupidity that day, in embracing the illogical, unproven garbage spouted, tells us so much. Indeed, we are possibly blessed we don't know or are not allowed to know some of the terrible realities around us.

So let me suggest a fact in all this anti Russian, global propaganda and what really lies behind it all. This a suggestion for discussion but which will be dismissed by so many clever clogs as a conspiracy theory. A phrase now used like racism, homophobia and the loathing of mass immigration, child sex exploitation and grooming as "hate crime". When subjects affecting and destroying thousands and thousands, if not millions of lives, are uncomfortable to the narcissism of our political and Whitehall ruling classes, together with their billionaire corporate and drug baron pals, they get their very own dismissive words or phrases.

Here goes. The EUSSR referendum result was an absolute shock for the Common Purpose deep state and their global ambitions. Similarly the election of The Donald. Two events likely so marvellous for me I shall never see their like again. Indeed the vitriol, nastiness and evil they spawned is probably to be regretted. A protest vote that may well have expedited the crushing of free speech, independent thought, the decline, the accelerated destruction of freedom and human decency. Note for example the pitiful 19th place the UK holds in an international survey of happiness.

So, the referendum result has to be crushed and the UK kept, by whatever means, in the grip of those gross, unelected morons in Brussels. The puppets of Berlin and the same types who collaborated with the Nazis last time we were at a similar point of occupation. 

Yet such was the ACTUAL but likely never to be revealed "leave" vote, let alone its 17,410,742 said to be cast, in the highest ever turn out in numbers of voters in UK history that the PTB couldn't easily ignore the feelings shown. (The1950's 80% or so was from a much smaller population and voter base.)

Now, to date, the leaving of the EU has been said to be happening. Yet as the Skripal attempted murder hogged and still hogs the headlines, unlike the the ongoing rape of the Greek population, we have had the smug declaration of the last few days of the "terms" of the transition sell out deal. The headline the fishing matter. As if the might of the global factory ship empires are going to allow our rich but dying fishing grounds be given back to the UK. 

So this transition has been an exercise in can kicking. Davis kicking with his stockinged feet,  Barnier with a giant, EU provided hefty and specially crafted boot. Both grinning at this achievement every bit as Heath and his Common Purpose handlers did back in the sixties. From that period on, our lives were set to be changed and our once excellent Nation set on a course to the nightmare, soon to be third world shit hole, evolving as I type.

The lies of the sixties are now being repeated behind, as then, our backs. Yet they still have to be sold to a restless, even if cowed, population. We need a bogey man or a scapegoat for anger and thus control. Hitler decided it should be the Jews and a long history of resentment for their very existence could be exploited and was very well accomplished through the most terrible crimes against humanity.

So here, possibly, is a deep seated mind set for not just one scapegoat but a combined two pronged assault on the people of Europe and the UK the testing ground. A mystifying programme of mass immigration and now a constant, Common Purpose led and American deep state fomenting of antipathy and even hatred of all things Russian and Putin. Putin is said to have helped Donald into the White House and ridiculously the leave victory in the UK. Such stupid, embarrassing rubbish.

However this bloody big jamboree of a banquet excuse gathering in Brussels, today, is being told by Tess of the Wobblevilles, sorry TH, how we must all unite, stand together and via NATO and the EUSSR, stand up to the Russian threat. One the West has conjured up at the expense of global peace and trade, once relished by the West until Russia refused to join the Common Purpose agenda.

Note Tessa's language of unification. A nod and a wink, in my humble opinion, that this bogeyman trick just might work and the UK Government claim the Russian threat means, for our safety and security from nuclear Armageddon, we have to remain and become a United States Of Europe, lock, stock, barrel and euro. How long might it take, they argue, to convince the UK to vote again? This time the stakes far more terrible than a "common market". Say until around 2020, or even longer after then if necessary.

Whatever it takes to ensure fear of a Russian invasion, chemical or nuclear holocaust would be sufficient to call that second vote. The weasel words that it's not about the EUSSR but our very physical existence at stake. Forget child sex grooming, mass immigration and the horrors of where we are now. A giant mushroom vapourisation of us all would result from a second nay vote. Job done.

Conspiracy theory or job done? Discuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Given a choice between the EUSSR and a giant mushroom vapourisation of us all, I think I'll go for the latter.

    I'd rather choke on my own blood in the dust than bend the knee to the star-spangled sphincter!

  2. At least the grooming gangs and the deep state cretins would be along with us and the planet rid of the overpopulation of human detritus!

  3. Ironic the airmen in the photo above fought alongside many countries including Islamic, against a regime that believed in a type of racism including anti-semitism, anti-communism, anti-parliamentarianism, German Lebensraum ("living space"), belief in the superiority of an "Aryan race" and an extreme form of German nationalism. Hitler personally claimed he was fighting against Jewish Marxism.
    Sanity is only measured by the popular thinking process. I don’t think your current one is popular enough to fall into that category. Name calling or abusive rhetoric directed at people who do not hold your view hardly endear your views to the general population, who I believe you consider naive or ignorant.
    Perhaps you should try a more reasoned non-abusive line of conversation... it might bring more people into your particular thought process, making it more in line with the majority perception of sanity!

  4. There were very, very few tour jets in 1962. As for your comment, it shows exactly the points made in MY post. No debate just personal attack. Cloaked in an air of moral superiority, liberal attitude steeped in unrealistic understanding of base human nature.

    "Sanity is only measured by the popular thinking process." WTF does that mean? Plus my abuse is targeted at a political class and their lackeys with much frustrated justification.Our planet's resources are finite but still the majority of human beings expect their share to be always greater than others.Particularly in the West. Also note rapscallion's powerful feelings and my response. You really need more than a wishy washy approach to the mess this blog is so loathing of in the West. Not least the mass of rape violence throughout Europe. A scandal decades old but ever more increasing.

  5. Am I clairvoyant? I just knew you'd have something on language here. :)

  6. Pretty sure the Tourjet thing only started in the 90’s actually. I digress.....
    You question “Sanity is only measured by the popular thinking process” WTF does that mean? Very eloquent by the way!
    If you’re not inside mainstream thinking, but shall we say have a more radical view, then your sanity would be questioned by the general masses. E.g. Hitlers ideas at the time were probably quite sane to his own people and his allies; the rest of the world had a somewhat different view on the sanity of his actions. So changing mainstream thinking makes you look more sane.... doesn’t mean you are of course but then whose judging....?
    That’s WTF it means.
    FYI: I live in the same country as you but feel neither restrained in what I say or do or fear for my own or my families safety. Other than normal family life worries I take no more precaution than I would take in any other country I visit. I would say most other places I go demand more attention than the uk but I get the impression from your posts that I should be looking round each corner with trepidation.
    I wish you well in your endeavours in a hopefully less angry but constructive tone, it’s not the most appealing facet of your posts.