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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

So Few Voices Seek Evidence And Truth.

The Russian Bear Is Better Cuddled Than Baited.

It is just possible the UK Government of hasty clowns have shot themselves in the foot over the Skripal poisoning. Not least the speed the agent was supposedly identified. So much of the narrative is just too pat and rehearsed. However the first link offers a different analysis than the usual Establishment figures do. Not least that Trump's campaign stances on foreign affairs have been jettisoned for some reason. Probably for fear of stoking the crap of election interference in his victory by Russia. 

Not withstanding that any evidence has been found of any serious collusion of interference. As with the UK referendum, the arrogant dismissiveness, by the PTB,  of both electorates is a disgrace and a foolish, smug attitude. However if these machinations stall either Trump or Brexit, it's all acceptable to the dictatorship of global common purpose and its deep state. The means justifying terrible ends. As they did with Dr. David Kelly ten years ago.

As for the present Skripal issue, note the disappearance of the story from the western media. maybe they consider it job done or the growing doubts and lack of evidence are getting more obvious to the less gullible. Not only less gullible but also prepared to seek alternative sources whilst they still can. Another link and voice accordingly. A lengthy but worthwhile "TV" experience, "Humanity versus insanity indeed" when seen from this perspective. Not least the link to that shameful WMD terror unleashed as an excuse to destroy millions of lives in the Middle east.

As I have mentioned before, when seeking guilt relating to a crime, motive is the single main cursor for searching for evidence. In the third link, 6.14 in, is Cob Corbyn's questions in PMQs. As with the presenter, I.m no fan of Corbyn but when he's speaking as a statesman, on the Skripal matte,r what does that tell us about May and Johnson? Puppets of the deep state geo-political cabal, full of manipulative scum. Criminally insane for total greed and lust for power for themselves and the horrendous world they seek for others.

This deep state has the same fools as all previous such maniacs throughout history. The idea that they and they alone, over many thousands of years, will be successful in gaining world dominance. Their idiocy is shown by the lack of ability to make inroads into the human need for belonging and having a nationalist fervour to assuage the need for shared existence with like minded and ethnic identities. Something diluted significantly in the West and ongoing but absent completely, by comparison, in China and Russia.

As with Chinese pandas, the Russian bears would do better for world peace and trade by being  cuddled via diplomacy, not the ridiculous agenda our erstwhile clowns in Westminster and Washington deem we should be following blindly just because they demand we believe them despite the lies and nastiness of their indifference to their electorates. 

If like me you manage to stay with the "Humanity versus insanity" link, even the most hardened and slavish followers of the Common Purpose methods of brainwashing could not fail to be convinced by the arguments presented. Arguments made with superior evidence than anything we are permitted to be allowed to get from our tame, puerile media. Let's be clear, nothing, absolutely nothing we are fed by our Common Purpose lackeys can be trusted as being in our interests or decency and truth. If you really doubt this watch the discussion all the way through.


  1. Five times tonight I have tried to view this article and each time the router has completely crashed and cut me off, been ok on other sites, never had that happen before ever, wondering if you or the links you put up has got someones attention.Sixth time lucky, going before it happens again! Take care.

  2. RAC, thanks for the heads up. I do rather believe this blog, like so many similar ones of a rightish bent, suffer unwelcome attention from GCHQ. No doubt triggered by various words as we read in Orwell's 1984. I just feel sorry for the spooks and their position outside not only moral but often criminal law. It must get very lonely when they want to do normal things and just dare not for fear of reprisal. Not least daubing peoples' doors with nerve agent 'cos they were ordered to.

  3. Other weird things were happening simultaneous with the router crashes that night. Screen locked up with a message purportedly from the ISP offering to "take me back to the internet" if I clicked on the icon, spoof or real,no idea, declined the offer. Then after a restart screen locked again this time browser refusing to connect saying the search engine I use didn't have the right certificate, though I've been using it for some three years or so without any problem, makes you wonder whats going on.