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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

One Reason I Am Right Wing.

If Far Right, So Be It!

                Lauren Southern banned from the UK

                                                             Diane Abbot UK far left MP.


  1. Whatever faint hopes I had that May would have been at least tolerable are gone.
    Her cowardly communistic treatment of Southern and her friend is inexcusable and shows her fear of reprisals from the invaders now within.
    This is compounded by her defenseless stance with Russia, whom she accuses with no evidence and denies Russia the opportunity of examining the issue through the proper channels.
    She's gone globalist full bore, chances of a meaningful Brexit, next to nothing.
    To make things worse I can think of no one who is in a realistic position to replace her who would be any better.

  2. "Realistic position" must be created. Anne Marie Waters and "ForBritain" has to be a place to start. UKIP lost my support when they ganged up on her in the leadership contest. Look where that got them.