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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Fake News Equals Hypocrisy.

Money Talks.

Love this picture. Encapsulates much truth. I note Eastern Ghouta about to be liberated from the rebels. Like in Aleppo, the CIA get offered free passage out of there. As we read here. It was reported that a number of American "advisers" were found in Aleppo but that wasn't pursued by any media. Russian or Western. Deals done, I suspect. As with Ghouta this time.

As for the hypocrisy equation, Putin told NBC's Kelly a few home truths in this interview. More measured and intellectually argued than Donald does rebuttal but both, IMHO, more up front and honest than most of our political, global, Common Purpose infected morons. Power and wealth the weapons of choice for the narcissists of The West. Virtually all stateless and grossly unpleasant as they go about their business of subjugation and profit.

Strangely most of the corporatist deep state, though not all, are so called democrats. The "Orwellian newsspeak" gibberish writers of media spoken propaganda, delivered to our screens and printed outlets, in return for celebrity status and minor wealth for sycophancy. They are all so nasty, devious and selfish little people with a pretense of superiority questionable by their dumb obedience and biased nastiness.

The Daily Fail utterly into a meme it's all Russia's doing. Such as with this "nerve agent" story. Don't wait for facts. Bang the "we must hate Russia" drum. This as Russia is close to bringing peace to the beleaguered Syrians. Only the raw and bruised, defeated and discredited CIA run incursion left to use Erdogan and his brutes to excuse an American presence. A presence under a proxy, poxy banner of smarting acrimony. The same sense of inadequacy suffered, deservedly, in Vietnam.

Putin's powerful indictment of the situation in Raqqa a very powerful calling out of the American, Obama/Clinton axis of corruption and deep state machination as you can get. An Axis which still counts the EUSSR and The UK political class as allies in evil, cronyism and corruption par excellence.

Once trade and competition were possible, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a newly emerging and more amenable Russia. What did and do out lot do. Seek to dominate the arms trade and demand all relationships with former USSR States be solely with the American Western gangsters. Surprise, surprise, many, including in the Ukraine, wanted the option to choose both outlets for progress. Note the gas trade with Russia, for instance.

That energy supply matter behind the drive to put an oil and gas supply through Syria for Saudi and Western tactical gain. No wonder they meddled and sought to topple Assad. No wonder Russia sought to protect their trade in energy supply. Surely a fairer solution than millions put to death and left lying on the ground everywhere the Americans went. Mosul and Raqqa two examples of the real attitudes to the little folk displayed behind the facade of aid agencies dresses as marauding, raping and sex abusing scumbags run by the deep state and its CIA handlers.

If anyone left with a brain cell in the public arena thinks our Establishment have a interests at heart just look at the Brexit debacle. That piece of work Hammond reported and believable story he's looking to surrender again our waters and fish stocks to the pillage of foreign but lucrative in bribes to many, factory ships. Some under the Russian flag if they pay enough.

I'm not blind to Russian's behaviour. yet at least it's under a more likely consideration for it's Nation's interests. Not the deep state manic "ends justify the means" global dominance ambition. One still to create millions more rivulets of innocent blood flow. Yemen already in that supply stream to fill the oceans demanded of all wannabe global dictators. If only the people of the West would wake up to the genocide promised in all of this evil chaos being manipulated on the little folk.

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