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Monday, 19 February 2018

Where To Begin?

After Over A Week's Absence From Posting.

It would seem that throughout human existence things have often not been what they may at first appear. Hence the piccy above. Cave dwellers exhausted from the endless hunt for food and water, ergo survival, becoming disorientated and seeing mirages as their bodies began to breakdown. Of scavenging for hard to come by mushrooms hallucinating and becoming wild and overtly stupid as the effects wore through. Who knows.

What I am sure of is, despite the veneer of evolvement and progress, human beings are still as basic as from their very origins. The fight for survival, the tribal instinct to protect ones own, often closely linked and incestuous, of necessity, blood lines. So over the many days I have felt debilitated and weak from a probable viral infection, I have mused on the daily reporting of the global "village".

Sadly it's been hard to see much joy. The American deep state still hell bent on gorging on its own nastiness, greed and daft as it may sound, evil. Soros but one figure from the swamp of modern, western, corporate descent into the depths of a depravity, once unthinkable but now just part of the wastelands founded on decades of immoral greed and obsessive narcissism.

The American continued presence and imperialist, regime change dictatorship in Syria is an utter disgrace. The demonisation of the victorious axis of Assad, Russia and Iran is nothing short of despicable. A more intelligent approach to form alliances and agreement to rebuild the mess mostly created by the West and their money grubbing arms deals with the Saudi despots is obviously beyond the ghastly deep state collusionists.

If Trump were to look at the humiliation that was Vietnam and the similar though smaller one in Syria, all this talk of might and power, of sabre rattling and blether, on behalf of the CIA drug cartel business could be looked at. Even tackled. Not least to stem the mass migration from the disaffected Nations across the Planet so often caused by global self interest from deep in the heart of American brigands on Wall Street.

Then we have our European issues. brexit, dear God do we need to be grateful we are to leave, at least we hope. The daily grinding down attempts of the media are just tiresome if not laughable. I mentioned depravity. On top of the gross migration of economic, resentful and racist millions, we have crime, rape and sexual assault now rife beyond any nightmares. In my younger days this would have been impossible to believe. Now what is beyond comprehension are the cover ups from the highest levels of Government and the Establishments across the EUSSR.

Take this very nasty character and professional leftard, Brendan Cox. Little doubt in my mind when he was put forward as a noble, grieving widower, the chancer saw a lucrative MP's sinecure round the corner. Push the bleeding heart charity work ticket whilst waiting for the goodies to mount up. probably using his wife's position to swank around the fleshpots of London and the charity hot spots of the planet. nasty sod. So very leftard at that.

I guess he had no idea the seedier side of global and public "charitee" was soon to to surface and the better side, what's left of it, sink from view. I guess the £13.5 billion wasted tax payer largess from the UK alone tells us why, as ever, such massive fortune is always a precursor to debauchery and theft on a grand scale. 

Sadly, money does appear to be the root of all evil time has always indicated. Corbyn's ideology of the past, it would appear, together with other henchmen, paid for in cash as well as blind and ignorant stupidity as to the millions sacrificed at the altar of communist ideology. The facts are debatable but in no way irrefutable. 

So there we have the last ten days or so. Not a lot to cheer about on a grand scale. leaving us with the smaller but still important pleasant thing in life. Spring round the corner. friends and family, home and the blessed countryside, itself under threat. If only the establishment could be weakened, as we hoped the brexit vote might do. Or Trump's victory follow a path of reconciliation and divorce from the arms dealers' clutches and the drug cartels now headed by CIA interests.

I began with an allusion to our ancestral beginnings. I guess the only direction we are being steadily led is back to those. Unless something very big takes place to rebalance away from the grossness money, on a grand scale is driving us. Of one thing I'm certain. Leftard childish and bullying nastiness won't be an answer. The chip on the shoulder politics of envy writ even more hypocritically large than the tomes produced by Soros and the corporate authors of pure nastiness. I guess we in the West are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Even so, it's nice to be back on the blog! With the letter "L"!


  1. My ignorance is appalling, I have no idea who Julia Hartley-Brewer is. Until just now I'd never heard of her but I took an instant liking to her.

  2. Have just stumbled on this place, it looks OK, try it out.