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Thursday, 8 February 2018

What Are The people Thinking?

Always Impossible To Really Tell.

Or when they got a say spend many, many months screaming at them as to how stupid they are. Ably supported by the deep state. I also feel that many more people are seeing the "deep state" more in evidence than ever. Not least their media cohorts and leftard MPs. Add the mega wealthy Tories and corporate scavengers of our lives such as Branson and the anger by those aware of the nastiness increases more and more.

May is so weak and "frit" she's lost at sea. We need someone with balls prepared to "handbag" those and particularly the corrupt and very rich EUSSR commissioners and hangers on, who are wingeing and sulking like mad fools. Whatever, we need out. No transition crap and fudging. let's get our independence and work from that. It'll cost the billionaires more than the poor and downtrodden for sure.

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