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Monday, 5 February 2018

The Deep State Swamp

A Glimpse Into Its Grossly Awful Reach.

There are many voices more eloquent and researched than my meagre efforts and the link is to one of them. Indeed, as the western political and corrupt system gets ever more frequently caught out the more the speed of decay becomes obvious. Sadly my own waging energy levels and frustration have recently kept me from posting as regularly as I used to. However, one matter I rather enjoy, still, is when the lickspittles to the deepest levels of corruption and devious illegalities, get caught out.

People such as the dreadful woman above. The abuse of power and State employees reathtaking. We, the ordinary people of the Planet, really dodged a megaton bullet there! If you doubt this, despite the arrogant, year long plus, sulk at defeat, she/they tell you much to be aware of, how lucky Trump was around. That the power and might of the deep state failed to defeat the people who wanted a change, no matter what, The Donald is and was a godsend.

The huge and dare I say relatively easy target for ridicule and snobbish arrogance, he and the people still overcame the tsunami levelled at him. That storm of vitriol included the employment, on a retainer, of a deceitful mercenary who should be locked up for his actions. WTF was the FBI doing paying to dish dirt? Well, in essence and put simply they were using deep state public taxes to save the Democrats a bit of dosh.

Of course when they needed cash The Clinton Foundation was, it appears, a blank cheque book with no need to fill in any stubs. As for the major source of that dubious outfit's income, who can tell? However there is factional stuff we can look at. Albeit even this crap is an anti-Russian propaganda vehicle belying the huge global presence of so many different cartels.

The BBC McMafia drama, 90% turgid, 10% shock and gruesome awe is dreadful. Its only saving grace is a tenuous link to purported reality. I write "tenuous" because of its heavy reliance on just one Nation's evil scum, that of Russia. Not only that but is seems to relish in the sexual abuse shown despite the present PC correct subject du jour of the "all men are bastards" fashion. Still, the BBC don't do hypocrisy, do they?

My major gripe, however is, apart from Moscow, the manipulation, collusion and terribl intimacy of the political Establishments are glossed over. This link shows just one national scenario but at least not another knock Russia at all cost crap. We must face up to the reality that neither the West or anyone else is squeaky clean. Indeed I would wager our Western "holier than thou" stance hides potentially far worse degradation and corruption.

The weasel words and hidden nastiness of our own Mandarin class is a perfect example. From the bowels of their EUSSR career possibilities they spout impartiality. Give me a break. Their cunning, pompous self entitled and privileged existences were laid bare in "Yes Minister". Hilarious if not so accurate and foreboding. Just look at this MoD as an example. One minion caught at it. I doubt he operated solo. Plus don't forget the grace and favour blatant practices. Nice work if you can get it.  More "deep state" behaviour, I suggest.

Just to recap. Deep State is the carving up of the Earth's riches between gangster cartels, banksters and corporations in alliance with funded front people in the guise of politicians. All happy to promote every bit of depravity for personal gain imaginable. Selling arms to opposing sides, promoting CIA meddling and destabilisation. Now it appears copied by the FBI. Add to those the facilitation done for the drug and sex trade trafficking and the globalisation of slavery.

None of all this has the remotest care for the masses. The colour of the participants as neutral as any national allegiances. No polluting or terrible cruelty to the creatures of the earth gets consideration. Evil begets evil and unlike in drama, evil begets evil. Decency a word none of those involved would recognise. God alone seems powerless.

Still they did lose the UK referendum and Killary Clinton is a busted flush. Put Vlad back in power this year and there is still one more flood door still closed against the sinking deluge of nastiness we face. Trust me, it's not just confined to all things Russian. Far from it. Ask Barry Obummer if you can get him away from his perpetual, expensive holidays! Soon to become a billionaire, apparently.

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