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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Studying History To See The Future.

The Ignorance Of The West Today.

This is a very rare image of a "momentum" moment reversed. The tanks the communist, socialist enforcers of dogma and where socialism always leads. This young student in his heroic stance rightly captured the imagination of all those human being who love freedom more than life. Note, too how alone he is. No baying snowflakes taking the same risks but now millions better off for this show of real human values. 

Though China remains, in name only, a communist State, it has embraced, in many ways the old capitalism of equal opportunity and aspirational philosophy. With great success. At the same point in history, Cob's Momentum morons seek to drag us into a Venezuelan situation where the dogma acts as a coverall for the corruption and ignorance dogma always produces. See what I mean in this link. Plus the picture below.

Storm troopers instead of tanks this time.

Then we have the lazy, overpaid and overhead Adam "Porky" Boulton types churning out lazy, unchallenged fake news and imagery. Not one word they utter as they endlessly pretend their "live" reports are actually the here and now as opposed to hours old pieces to camera. The teams long back in some luxury hotel bar for their early morning booze top ups. 

Remember, my loyal visitors, my prediction that Ghouta would ere long be another unsubstantiated claim The Syrian Government would be using chemical weaponry again? Firstly this Pentagon double speak, What can I say to these blatant Orwellian speeches.  Followed by this further sign of the descent into the swamp we are being dragged. 

Reams of claims as reliable as the following. This link tells us how the West now treats its citizens to garbage day after day. What a disgrace but not a word of apology. Yet millions in the UK alone swallow the gunge. At least Trump's victory showed there are still some who see through the sh*t spewed forth.

As for Russian meddling. If this story, which should be easy for the media to verify, is true, where's the outcry for a statement tantamount to any from history of the worst dictators and brutal regimes to have ever existed. This tells us the real but for decades obvious direction of the Western, American Deep State travel. America's pursuit of world dominance. The Middle East first, then the whole Planet? That would be a logical consideration for these maniacs.

I will make one last observation today. is a better source to pick up greater and more honest global news. It, of course, is not whiter than white. Particularly this failure to understand how loathed Corbyn really is in the UK. This link smacks of meddling and God knows what else. Certainly we can expect covert and possibly financial support on Cob's radar given this crap. Definite shades of the old USSR. If we throw in the current EUSSR Stazi (Merkel) led bunch, cause for concern, methinks. Given the whinge about American thoughts on global dominance, a tad hypocritical bit of bias there from Very SKY/BBC like, sadly.

As for the snow. We just might miss the worst, here in Ludlow. Plus, whatever, could all be gone by  June! Take care and keep warm.


  1. And another thing, while Mrs. May is doing her negotiating.
    Why do we have to keep the BBC, when it should be repatriated to any eu country that would take it.

  2. I'll just leave this here, it's what most of us knew all along.