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Monday, 26 February 2018


Cob In Drag This Morning.

I caught a brief and rather uncomfortable glimpse of Traitor Cob this morning and the Establishment drivel he pumped out could have come from a circus of clowns. One which includes his new "bestie", Mrs May. I was always certain that once Parliamentary approval for our leaving the corrupt and nasty EUSSR was nodded through the courts, it would never happen.

Once all the delay, obfuscation and Establishment collusion kicked in the referendum was carefully parked. I suspect there were a large number of faces at Chequers, including Cob and or his fellow treasonable mates, hogging various rooms and sidelining the "Cabinet" of fools to a side room and sofas to look so casually at one. That a minority were quietly seething at the other guests hidden from sight was not allowed to be visible.

Brexit is not going to happen. A crisis of confidence is in place and yet another General Election on the horizon. With just two parties on that stage, quietly agreeing how the bribes and spoils from our real masters in Berlin and the EUSSR are to be shared, the result of the next election will be irrelevant. Albeit the Civil Servant hierarchies appear very much in favour of a draconian soviet style regime to work with. One able to finish off any intellectual opposition dregs left in our society of dumbed down, ill bred snowflakes.

Anyone who feels their vote will count for anything in the years to come is very naive and gullible. As we consider The Cob's unworkable and fictitious crap of a speech today, more lecture than inspirational oratory, with that ghastly corporate advertising style slogan, "for the many......" should finish of any lingering pretense that we live in a democracy.

The euphoria at defeating the Establishment evil that is now the Western, corrupt politic of gangster funded tyranny, in a referendum, though rigged, still gave democracy one last flare of hope, is a euphoria abhorrent to the defeated Establishment. They required to have to do more graft than they consider they should. Make no mistake, however, if the traitors had applied the effort to get us out of the slimy grip of the EUSSR they have in keeping us firmly wedded to the thieves of our freedom, democracy and fishing grounds, we would already be free again.

Trouble there is the might and arrogant power of vested interest. A powerful club of billionaire play makers which give powerfully and palpably the lie to democracy or any regard to "the many". Since Cob's slogan uses that wretched and condescending, puerile sound bite it just shows his real and typical hypocrisy. For him these "many" are every bit of human flotsam and jetsam from across the globe able to be bribed into believing the socialist clap trap. 

Clap trap steeped in blood and genocidal horror to rival anything ever known throughout human history.  Cob, the hatchet man now in thrall to the idea of high office and the chance to assuage the ache embedded in his shoulder chip. A miserable failure of a man now, purely by chance, a useful idiot to assist in keeping the British people under the yolk and serfdom of the global elite via that ghastly EUSSR. God only help us and the quagmire about to consume the many not the few.

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