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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Trivialising Brutality.

The BBC Sink To Ever Greater Depths Of Depravity.

The much heralded new BBC offering, "MacMafia" is probably the worst piece of filth, as a programme, not its content, in my lifetime. All the pompous but thick outpourings of the "luvvie" profession of late and that holier than thou stance of the socialist BBC crowd is all wrapped up and put in a drawer whilst this pathetic "drama" is paraded out and trailered ridiculously as some kind of moral tale.

It's anything but that. The casual, interspersed scenes of awful, sadistic and misogynistic rape and despicable cruelty meted out by an ISIS like scum, to a young, trafficked and of course, inevitably, white girl, mirrors the attitudes now found in every city and town throughout the UK and Europe. That somehow just being young, mostly female and white you are, to most men of a certain kind,, gangsters or not, you are deserving of the casual depiction of this wretched programme.

The pretense that it is some kind of moralistic drama to highlight the evil endemic in our globalised new existence is pathetic. It is purely an excuse to parade the despots "du jour". That is Russian mobsters with an oh so predictable Jewish leaning, as the deepest and most dangerous people we ordinary mortals face. It is a thinly designed propaganda vehicle hell bent on deflecting the real evil among us of multicultural failure.

As for the leading character. His credentials as the newly made saint of a gangster offspring English, holier than the Pope, public school, (more BBC nudge, nudge, crap) perfect and modern man is as funny and as ridiculous as it gets. The seemingly and totally stupid manner he breezes through the gilded cages of obscene wealth as though its all "kosher", pun intended. He's depicted as  so perfect as to be above all of the sewerage he grinningly swims through.

Then shock, horror, he is catapaulted, still grinning inanely, into a leading role as the next heir apparent, global head gangster, down the road. Initially seduced by an even more comic head Fred, Eddie Jordan, lookalike. I suspect another "in the know" little nod and a wink to the in crowd. During all of this awfulness, we are kept entertained, yes entertained, by the short glimpses of the misogyny salivated over by the producers and their ratings targets. A foray into the seedy and casual brutality girls are passed along as mere commodities.

This NYT review of Glenny's book from 2008 is an excellent indicator of the philosophy embraced for the dreadful drama in question, of overkill of just one section of the World's evil and subjugation to the terror of modern and Western "deep state encouraged existence. Note the year of publication. The year the carefully crafted global alliances were broken. Alliances I have blogged about for many years. Corporate, political, gangster funded elitists whose Privy Council status allows them to be part of the nastiness.

One thing the book and this joke of a programme do have a resonance with is the fact that in essence the nationality and religion of those involved are just window dressing. The corporate and banking dynasties care nought for tribal (National) allegiances. Only power and wealth by any means. Not least the total subjugation of all outside the inner circle of evil. Not least the many political figures allowed to have brief tenure inside these terrible places, whilst of any use.

Blair's haunted, emaciated figure, of late, a testament of such short exposure to the fear of death at any moment, if too free with his "Privy Council" knowledge. You will also note in the book and the drama, as pointed out in the NYT review, they gloss over both the historic gangsterism and how its just been added to and refined by the fall of the USSR. The Cosa Nostra, the Mafia and the Columbian drug lords long preceding the rise of the ex USSR bunch of thugs.

Indeed, we cannot fail to observe the total dismissal of the UK drug, people trafficking and child sex abuse perpetrators, or their ethnic origins. After all the NHS and our whole failure as a modern, successful, no longer decent society, in many places, is ignored by our squeaky clean Establishment and their quiet subservience to the laws of the gangster run modern jungle.

This dreadful exposure was so easily brushed aside. The banks pursued, mainly HSBC and Barclays, those which chose to operate outside or already had their connections well established, were pursued, no doubt by their rival gangster connected and politically better related mobs. As for that political element, let us glance there.

Mass immigration has been and remains a puzzle as to its value to our establishment elite until we consider the core, already mentioned, lack of any real allegiance to normal, animal survival instinct, by the world of cartels. Their only shock and recognition of these norms arises when someone close to them is hurt or damaged. Nationalist pride, determined and competitive tribalism and defensive investment in troops and law enforcement, are a handicap to the global war between the cartels.

So this handicap can be minimised by inflicting on all human existence a dumbing down to such an extent as to force most human beings into nought but "clients" for exploitation. No academics, no intellectual elitism or genuine humanity, is to be tolerated. Women suppressed and controlled even more than males since their instinct to protect and nurture are unwanted. The signs of how mass immigration is following these directions is getting ever more apparent.

Democracy is an anathema to the cartels. If we look at its decline, the promotion of minorities and the destabilisation of burgeoning and wilful Nations such as Ukraine, despite placing a puppet Poroshenko in charge, Hungary, Poland and possibly now Austria, bent on holding to account the ills of modern despots and their EUSSR, we can see that its not all going the way of the gangsters. Ironically, Russia and even China are looking less evil than the West's "besties". Chief among those, just now, the Saudis.

As hinted at earlier, too, the big stumbling block to any global ambition for dominance is that of military might. The gangsters struggle to win against such well trained and often National troops. No more so than in Syria. Here the proxy foot soldiers of the cartels, ISIS (Daesh) have been crushed. That notwithstanding the Deep State, Clinton/Obummer fronted, support. As widely reported.

So, in summary and as the consequences unfold for the NHS and the UK's, as well as Europe's, hard won but now declining economies, we are so vulnerable to the gangster influences. As we are submerged in a tsunami of human migration and our military defenses are slowly handed to the EUSSR, we are in dangerous and terminal circumstances. Morality no longer, it would seem, a desirable commodity.

I was always certain the crushing of protest in Greece was aided by the Eurogendermerie. Quite possibly used in Barcelona more recently. Plus the race for an EU army is very suspicious. Certainly such moves hint at a possible need for the gangsters we are discussing to have such massive forces to complete their dominance. Only yesterday such an individual announced billions for arms for such a project. This search throws up how they all work together. Divide and conquer or what?

As the Chinese would say, "we live in interesting times". By trivialising it all with this rubbish drama all the BBC have done is show their own depravities writ large. Makes Savile almost human.

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