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Thursday, 11 January 2018

From High Farce To Ignorant, NHS Stupidity.

Never Ending And Steady Decline.

What an utter joke. The MoD spending millions of borrowed pounds targeting the minorities who already have an aversion to military service. Do they never, in their desire to play comedy, realise they are promoting the very reason why the majority no longer wish to be part of the snowflake mentality plaguing our politically correct and farcical society.

Just the one image above of most of this ridiculous advertising looks as though troops are meant to kneel before all else. Magic, a soldier steps out to meet the enemy only to glance back and see his rearguard on his knees wailing. I know Russia Today, for one and probably Vladamir, were struggling not to guffaw at the pathetic imagery and foolish production.

As for the NHS. Mired in Corbyn's constant moaning that we need trillions and trillions more to service his Party's pathetic social engineering, via mass immigration and the mantra, now decades old, that only Labour is competent to destroy the now floundering service, is another futile joke.

Why? Here's a snapshot of Labour's time in charge. Add the present day joke that is Labour's careless stewardship of the Welsh NHS over the last few years and then ask where they get their superior attitude from? As for the still draining of millions from the NHS PFI, dreamt up by Labour, how's this for empty headed hypocrisy. We don't here the Trotsky moron saying this anymore, do we?

Still, when all's said and done we don't have one person in politics of any ability or common sense anymore. Our Nation is overcrowded, dirty and broke. The culprits slopping around the civil service are lazy, self seeking thickos, reflecting the society they created from a failed experiment admitted by Bliar in 2001. Still clung to by Labour, however. 

Even as we are suffering mightily with millions of ill educated, untrainable "graduates" sharing barely a dozen brain cells between them, the rot gets ever more obvious. Everywhere, not least ensconced in Parliament, we witness breathtaking and naive ignorance and wilful laziness at a level which bodes so badly for the future as we more able and well taught fade away. Our substantial, taxed heavily, pension contributions to GOP disappearing never to be replaced.

There will be a New World Order and it won't be heavily represented by the West. Only one benefit, the mass migration direction of travel will be reversed. Leaving behind the wreck it's implementation was always going to be the conclusion. Thanks, Jezza.

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