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Monday, 8 January 2018


Remain Getting "Otchy" With Lack Of Progress.

A cheerful reminder to all the 17.4 million!

So we enter the second week of 2018. The PM is tweaking her Cabinet, Jezza is back from sunning himself in Mexico and honing his world government of socialist domination dreams. Additionally "shouty shouty", "kicky-kicky" Labour's perennial NHS, hard leather, political football that is the NHS.

Ironically Labour's stewardship of the Welsh NHS and their record over 13 years of squandering our cash, rather damages their pathetic whingeing. A stance, let us never  forget, driven by gerrymandering and spite. Much evidence of this vote rigging and spiteful leftard juvenile socialism that is so damaging to us all as a Nation. Plus smug central's bestie billionaire crook and frequent Brazil visitor, all too handy, Mandy. Let the jobless and homeless, the NHS waiting lists and patients in A&E corridors dwell on how we are in the mess we are.

For many of us successful and blessed with common sense to make the most of our brief time on earth, life is only marred by the slavish desire for Common Purpose, Deep State, underhand establishment figures obsession to rule over all. Pol Pot like destruction of all but their own slavish followers from a fear of questioning and dissent.

So let us rejoice and continue to demand our democratic right to be free of the EUSSR. Even if the doom laden messer Baz Obummer's interference in June 2016 still hangs over us. Not!. How come that wasn't meddling in our referendum vote, I ask? 

So, without wishing to tempt fate or the ire of the Establishment's deep state nastiness, let us continue to relish and enjoy that democratic, unexpected shove in the face of those who would enslave us ever deeper under their collective, grubby thumbs. "Harry and Saint George" or what?!


  1. Has Farrage gone crackers or what !!!!!!!
    May thought she had it in the bag and look what happened there.

  2. Topping up his pension by behaving as a remainer.

  3. Seriously ? Do you think he sold out ?

  4. Don't they all as retirement looms? Usual caveat, "follow the money". Who knows. There is also an offer of the "David Kelly" kind to think on. Rumour was that's why he stood down from UKIP. Deep State at work whatever, RAC.