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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Desperation Hints?


Kiddy Macron has continued his Napoleonic stance and posturing by suggesting a trade deal be exchanged for the very issue that brought about a leave majority vote. That is the constant stream of terrorist army recruitment drives across Europe and especially the United Kingdom. That his Country should continue its open borders policy that allows these invading men, in the main, to pour into our homelands and bring their "shit hole", lazy living practices with them is hilarious but also despairing for the migrant hordes and the ancient populations facing eventual wipe out.

Even this very day Drunker Juncker and his cronies in the corrupt Commission bunker pronounce that "there is a way back". Yup, come into the parlour says the spider to the fly. The fly being the idiots who worship this monster of globalised corruption and gangster funded outfit.

Obese Boulton, with his snide, superior smirk,  challenged Bernard Jenkin on the position and Boris's reiteration of the savings to be made. Jenkin, armed with Government statistics these savings are based swatted the fat bumble bee away. He couldn't, Fatty that is, get out of the failing but weak argument fast enough.

A joy to behold. As is the dawning realisation that the big fat golden goose that is the one to date herded to the EU markets by our Deep State and its civil service forelock tugging traitors may well be staying home to fund its own masters. The British people. The ones with a brain cell to see the few who make millions from the many who get shafted. Long may the desperation last in the face of the growing popular understanding that only the top echelon of the EUSSR politburo gain. At great cost and enslavement to mass immigration of the rest of us.

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