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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Chaos Reigns.

Another January Unfolds With Increasing Decline. 

So an all male event has an apparently Muslim attendee present who claims he left when the "hostesses" turned up. This a greater issue than the separation of women at Corbyn and Labour party meetings? Gets substantially more coverage than thousands of young white girls raped and abused. What have we come to.

Then there is the anti Russian vendetta. A spokesman for the arms industry retired general weighs in only a couple of days ago with a load of bollocks and no mention of the American meddling across the Planet and in particular Ukraine. Or the determination of the Deep State to hang around in Syria without any regard to their illegal occupation. What a disgrace.

Add to all this fake news, propaganda and "inconvenient untruths", beloved of the globalist Common Purpose to subjugate, for profit and power and the insipid and puerile state of our lazy UK and European political surrender monkeys, to Islamic take over, you have to despair. However, when that tub of lard on SKY, Boulton, still gets airtime what hope of decent, unbiased presentation is there?

As for Brexit, the drip drip of procrastination and delay is the perfect, modern "Yes Minister" process of stultification of the population and a slow fading away. It will not happen. The customs union shackles and the overbearing ECJ, will stay in some clandestine and overly complicated way. Shaft the electorate at every turn the policy.

If only we had a leader with the interest of his own National pride such as Putin instead of the mandarin puppets in thrall to the deep state bureaucrats in Whitehall and Brussels. If only.


  1. 'If only', you say – and you are so right.
    Our Brexit crew couldn't negotiate their way out of a paper bag and May is a spineless closet remainer.
    Britain is a laughing stock in Europe. It makes me want to weep.

  2. The above reply x1000, and thank you for a great article OR, you voice the thoughts of millions.